Ok, let me start off by saying, that this is probably not something you should do. That may sound cliché, but this is some serious stuff we’re about to delve into. I am well aware that this warning will probably do little to sway you. I mean, let’s be honest, if anything it will probably only motivate you more. At the end of the day, you’re going to do whatever it is you are going to do. There is not much I can do to stop you, just know that whatever happens, the risk is on you, not me.

                You see I possess the knowledge of being able to contact these, entities. Now, what exactly these things are or what intentions they may have I can only speculate at, though I do have my theories. I call them the forces beyond, simply for lack of a better name. What you may come to know them as may be completely different depending on your experience. Demons, angels, aliens, Cthulhu who knows? All options are equally viable I suppose. The following is a sort of ritual in which you can contact these, things. Do so, at your own discretion and excursive extreme caution.

               This ritual itself is more akin to a series of mental tests. By accomplishing all these tests, you will be able to connect with yourself on a level you’ve probably never seen before. Your desires, ambitions, memories and past will all become crystal clear to you. Do with this information as you will, but that’s not all. By entering this state of mind, you open yourself up to the resonance of the universe. There is much discrepancy as to just what that actually means, but I’ve taken it to mean that you can contact beings and entities which have been long forgotten, or perhaps never seen by human eyes. Think of it as logging yourself in to the Wi-Fi of the universe. The cosmic web of consciousness which exists and persists around and through us all at once. Our earthly senses cloud our connection to the metaphysical, and in order to connect with those in the spiritual dimension, these binds must be temporarily severed.   

     As I stated before, I do not pretend to know who or what these entities are. They are clearly capable of communication in some form, although their motives and desires may yet prove to be completely unknowable to the human mind. Only time will tell. What is clear, is that these beings are very intelligent, and highly advanced. They know things, and whether they choose to reveal these things or not will be up to you and them.

                   It must be stated that I would NOT advise you to make deals with these beings. Some may seem benevolent, although the tasks required to please them may prove to be difficult or cruel in some way. On the flipside, they may prove to be almost entirely benign. Requests from them like writing down a word or phrase somewhere at some time, or simply telling them your name should be met with the highest level of skepticism. These beings are highly intelligent after all and can prove to be quite manipulative. Should they give you a simple task, know that you are probably in some way helping to further their agenda in one way or another, for better or for worse. My suggestion is that if you truly desire knowledge or power above all else, then go for the more sinister deals. At least then you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.    

       Despite your level of intellect, it’s fair to assume that the intelligence and wisdom of these beings vastly out categorizes our own. These things are old, and very powerful. So as to hopefully prevent you from doing something stupid on a cosmic scale, allow me to give you a few tips before we begin.

#1: Never, under any circumstances try to insult nor threaten these beings. I’ve never personally tried this, but to me it appears that insulting a being of this power and magnitude, would be a very bad idea for you. If you care nothing for the horrible repercussions that may ensue, then I suppose I cannot stop you from doing what you will.

#2: Never ask these beings for an answer to some forbidden knowledge, unless you are truly prepared for the truth. Topics like the meaning of life and presence of God should be left out of the conversation. Anything in which humanity has not discovered concrete evidence for should be labeled as taboo. However, don’t take this as to mean that these things do not know the answer. They may in fact prove to know the answer to all your questions and indeed be willing to provide answers. They may also just outright lie to you, and you’d really have no way of knowing the difference. Those who are weak-minded or blinded by ideological or religious persuasion need not apply. If you think yourself prepared for the consequences, then ask as you will.

#3: Please for the love of humanity, do not ask these beings to influence an event or alter the outcome of something in our world. Doing so could result in unimaginable horrors for all of us. These things may be able to communicate, but that does not mean they can locate our world in the physical reality, unless they are given an invitation. Don’t be their puppet, and do not invite in that which you have no hope of controlling.

And finally, number 4: Do NOT blame me for anything that may happen to you. Should you choose to perform this ritual, you do so of your own volition and at your own risk. No one is forcing you, in fact I would highly advise that you DO NOT DO THIS in the first place. Any number of terrible things could occur because of your actions, and I cannot be blamed for that. I believe in the freedom of information, and preservation of knowledge no matter how volatile. That is why I have decided to share this. In the hopes that it will be catalogued, so that it is not forgotten by the world.

         Those are a few of the best tips I can think of, but it will not guarantee your safety. Just be careful, whatever you do, if you wish for your mental sanity to remain intact. This is the best advice I can give to you, whatever else may happen is completely up to speculation. So, without further adue, let the ritual begin.


           Unlike most rituals, you need no mediums nor sacred tomes for this ritual. You don’t need to travel to any graveyard, nor chant any ancient Echolosian incantations. You need only your mind, and the powers contained within. To begin this process, I suggest you find somewhere comfortable such as your bed or a couch, anywhere that’s comfy and familiar to you. It also would behoove you to find a quiet place where you are able to easily focus and avoid earthly distractions. If you have access to a sensory deprivation tank, that may prove the best means of meditation. Keep all electronics deactivated and unable to interrupt the process. I would also advise that you tell someone close by what you are trying to do, just in case of any complications that may arise. I suggest that they remain by your side, in the somewhat likely event of something going wrong. Lay back on your place of choice and close your eyes. Remain laying down with your eyes closed and let your mind wander. Relax and let your imagination take hold.

              Begin by laying there and putting yourself in a deeply relaxed state. It is important that you remain motionless for this entire process, which may be the most difficult part. It is recommended that you practice this process first, to be able to more easily perform it. It is also important that you remain conscious and fully cognizant, so no stimulant narcotics allowed. After laying motionless for extended periods of time, you will notice that it does get easier, with the more experience you have.

          Once you are comfortable and confident in your ability to remain motionless, focus on your mind. Sit back and just try to think of nothing, as bizarre as that sounds. Usually for me, I begin to picture space and the cosmos. I’ve found this is the easiest method to lose yourself in thought. Allow your imagination to take hold. Watch as galaxies and supernovas dance within the confines of your mind. Stars and other celestial bodies zoom past you at impossible speeds. The magnificent cosmic canvas glows with beautiful shades of red and white burning beacons. Once you are good and lost in your thoughts, it’s time to begin.

        I want you to now picture yourself, as seen only through your eyes. Do not lie to yourself, open yourself up and expose all your flaws to your mind. Now think upon your fear. Begin by thinking of what it is you fear most and attempt to conjure a solid image in your thoughts. Whether it be a person, place, idea whatever it is that absolutely petrifies you to the bone. Think deeply upon it and let it form within the blackened void of your mind. Focus all your mind on what it is you fear the most, and then, abandon it. Convince yourself that what you fear is nothing more than a construct of your mind. Your fear holds you back, and in order to progress it is necessary to let your fears go and overcome them. Shed your fears and tell yourself that fear is nothing, but a burden which prevents you from attaining what it is that you truly desire. Once you have come to grips with your fears, you may proceed.

              Next you must envision all of your guilt. All your short comings and all your failures. I never said any of these things would be easy, it may prove to be quite painful to willfully remember all your failures, but it is crucial to your success. Focus upon that in which you feel the guiltiest of. The thing that more often than not, keeps you up late into the night. Once you have envisioned your guilt, realize that you are human, and cannot ever attain perfection no matter how hard you try. You are bound to make mistakes, but these choices and missteps do not define you. Accept the reality that things happen that are out of your control, and do not allow them to poison your mind. Your guilt is nothing more than your mind dwelling upon that in which it has little control over. Guilt is a crippling burden, because as long as you hold onto it, it prevents you from learning and growing. Let all your guilt go and allow yourself to be freed from the constraints you place upon yourself. Forgive yourself for the things you have done, and for the things you have not.

        The third step is admittedly similar to the second, yet distinct. You must now focus on all that you are ashamed of. The things you have done, and the person you are. All your letdowns and disappointments, let them manifest themselves in your mind. Meditate on the person you are, the traits which make you unique, which you may not always be proud of. Accept yourself for who you are, and realize that the only way to achieve peace of mind is to be comfortable with the person you are. Your mistakes and flaws allow you to learn from them and should not be seen as a negative thing. Instead, view these things as your past experiences which have made you the person you you’re your past has molded you into the person you now are, and without it, you would not be the same. Acquiring balance of your emotions, is key to succeeding in this ritual.

          The next part focuses on grief. The loss and heartache you suffer in this life clings to you like a parasite. It will randomly reveal itself and toy with your emotions out of nowhere. Grief is most commonly associated with love. When something or someone you love is taken from you, grief fills the void left by that presence. Grief weighs you down and distracts you from being able to move on. Focus on all the despair you carry within and allow it to dissipate. The love you feel within cannot be broken. Even if the things you love disappear, they will be reborn in the form of new love. Dwell on your love and allow grief to flow away.

         By this point in the ritual, you will find yourself within a very deep state of mental reflection. The energy from these memories and emotions can be hurtful. So it is important that you are in a strong state of mind, especially going forward from here. This is where most will choose to abandon the ritual, as the following steps have proven to be the most difficult.

     While you lie there in your meditative state, focus your mind on the concept of truth. Truth has become a rarity in the world we live in, and in order to find truth, we must reveal lies. Think upon the lies in which you yourself are guilty of. The lies you tell yourself, and the lies you tell others. Realize that these lies do nothing but mislead and create illusions, perversions of reality. Lies are counterproductive to growth, for as long as you lie to yourself, you cannot attain peace within, and you cannot grow. You cannot lie about what or who you are, you must embrace it and accept it. The decisions you make and lies you tell will sculpt the way society sees you, whether you want it to or not. Reflect upon your lies and denials and allow yourself to embrace the truth.

               Next you must focus on the greatest illusion of this world. The illusion of separation. Love and hate, light and dark, good and evil, life and death, all these things may seem to be polar opposites, yet they are indeed one. Varying degrees of being within the same margin, and different parts to a single whole. For nothing is an absolute, and all things exist on a spectrum. Realize that indeed nothing is altogether isolated, by virtue of mere existence all things are connected by the tendrils of fate. Ponder these separations and allow yourself to come to grips with the fact that all things are intertwined. Nothing is individual. The things you yourself do, affect those in ways you may never know, and without you, the world would be a very different place. Realize your place within the world and gain insight into how different the world would truly be with your absence. Allow your consciousness to reach out.

        The last step within this ritual, is undoubtedly the most difficult, but should you be able to overcome it, you will be able to access a state of higher awareness and sensitivity. Able to control your thoughts and emotions, and able to see the effects of your actions.

                 This step allows you to gain insight into the realms of the unknown. The invisible but ever-present energy which circulates around us and within us at all times. The cosmic web of consciousness. Our earthly attachments, prevent us from being able to access this state of mind. They bind and constrain us to the world of only what we can see and touch. To access this place, one must temporarily blind themselves to the physical world.

           Focus upon that in which you hold dear. The things you care most about within the materialistic world. Envision these things within your mind and allow yourself to be consumed by their essence. To surpass this trial, you must let go of all that you’ve grown to love. Realize that no matter how much you love something, it will eventually cease to be. For all things are mortal, and none of us can supersede nor alter the passage of time. We are all doomed to a finite existence, at least in the physical sense. You must realize that no matter how much love you have, you cannot save those around you, nor yourself. This is the ultimate level of awareness, realizing just how small and vulnerable you truly are. Meditate upon the things you love and let them go. Do not allow yourself to be fooled that by letting go of something, means it will disappear. By letting go of something, you set it free, and in turn your mind will be liberated from the obsession of the things you love.

        Assuming you can correctly execute and complete all of these trials, you will have reached your destination. Congratulations. This world is not a physical one, yet one you can only reach with the power of your mind. It is a place constructed by the infinite consciousness of uncounted sentient beings. All living things contribute to it, whether they know it or not.

         I call this place the Dreamscape. There is really nothing I can say to accurately describe it, as there is truly no place like it. It’s somewhere between the line of life and death, a purgatory if you will. You are not dead, nor are you alive, you have simply transcended beyond those concepts entirely. You do not sleep, yet you are not fully awake. You can see this place clearly, but it’s image and landscape seems to alter regularly before your very mind. This place will seem alien in nature to you yet comforting as well. It may seem too grand and monumental to be possible, but it is, because you and others like you have envisioned it. The law of attraction and equilibrium of the mind.

          This place is a threshold, a place where one can access the consciousness which surrounds every sentient lifeform in the universe, living or dead. It is here in which you will find the presence of the aforementioned forces beyond. You need not call out to them, for they will find you. So long as you’re ready and willing to communicate.

             What happens next cannot be foretold here, for I cannot accurately predict what exactly will transpire. Your interactions will be solely up to you, and them. I’ve given you all the information I can on this subject. If you wish to know more, then you know what to do. Again, I must emphasize that if you are weak minded, or easily disturbed, then please for the love of us all, do not attempt this. Trust me, you will not enjoy the results if you are not prepared. But for those of you who are thrill seekers, and knowledge addicts, you have the tools to begin your journey. Good luck, and may you find the answers you have been searching for.