You often hear the phrase spouted that political correctness does not harm anyone. Proponents of this idea often claim that empathy-based regulation could not possibly turn out negative. Political correctness was developed as a way to not needless offend individuals who yield no benefit when outraged. I understand the sentiment, though I believe it is misguided.

   What began as a simple attempt to protect the rights and feelings of all, has now turned into a hammer to bash political opponents who dare speak things not easily admitted. It is all too often used to stifle taboo developments and silence those who speak inconvenient truths. Facts and realities are all too often foregone for the sake of not offending.

   This process utilizes a sort of victim hierarchy to determine who is worth protecting and who is worth opposing. This pyramid of oppression is based on certain traits such as race, religion, sexuality and gender. It is intrinsically tied to historical injustice, and those deemed as oppressed can seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of proponents. I understand trying to atone for historical injustice and prevent repetition of past mistakes, but when it comes at the direct expense of individual evaluation then my support halts.

  People are judged as groups rather than individuals in a sort of progressive caste system which seeks to defend certain groups above others. Those who support this effort all too often exemplify hypocritical tactics in the form of treating perpetrators differently depending on these traits. Cases are of course to be taken on an individual basis as details vary wildly, but morality and punishment should never be amended based upon legacies of oppression. To attain true equality, the same principles of democracy must be applied universally to all within the system.

    A disturbing development has recently come to light in the United Kingdom which should worry anyone who witnesses it. For several decades, thousands of young girls have been abducted, abused, sexually assaulted and in some cases even murdered. The perpetrators of these heinous acts are grooming gangs of a certain common background. These facts; as inconvenient and atrocious as they may be, are all too real and still continue unabated. Google: “Telford and Rotherham grooming gang scandals”, and you will see for yourself.

    What is almost as sickening however, has been the response from the police jurisdictions trusted with maintaining order and seeking justice. Namely, the complete absence of any sort of effort on their part. Their response is at best sheer ignorant incompetence, and at worst a colluded effort of criminal negligence. You’d think that a story as disgusting and widespread as this would be all over the news, right? And yet very little has been done.

   You see, the perpetrators of these crimes all have a crucial detail in common. They share a certain religious doctrine which has wedged itself at the peak of the victim paradigm. In the eyes of some, these perpetrators are victims themselves and can thusly do no wrong. These gangs use religious justification in order to account for their systematic abduction and subsequent sexual enslavement of young girls. It is beyond depraved, and yet the refusal to acknowledge these events and failure to recognize or rectify them is evermore despicable. Treating those responsible different based upon their own victim status is not equality, and it will not help achieve it. It is a cowardice excusal and the bigotry of low expectations. But it gets much worse.

    One of the excuses offered for police inaction is the fear of being branded a racist or xenophobe. Imagine, you were to refuse doing your job because of fear of being called a name. This is the problem with political correctness. They will excuse any and all actions of oppressed groups, for a faux attempt at forced equality and mandated multi-culturalism. All of this at the direct expense of victims of atrocity in order to preserve the charade of being progressive. If a police force cannot be trusted to prosecute or even investigate those responsible for trafficking young girls to be violated in the most vile of ways, then what purpose does the police force serve exactly? Inaction in this instance is nothing short of abstract cowardice. Protection of children should be unquestionably paramount to any society that prides itself on being considered civilized.

    As most are likely aware by now, the surge of the refugee pilgrimage to European nations has come with a few hiccups. One of the most diabolic is that of the exponential increase in reported sexual assaults. These reports are almost exclusively a one-way street, with recent migrants being the main perpetrators. The longer action is refused, the more the populace will grow restless. Silencing hate speech and making pariahs of those who speak out accomplishes nothing, because the events will continue despite any efforts made to obfuscate them. Furthermore, the longer these grooming gangs are ignored and pardoned, the more emboldened they will become and the more frequent these reports will be. And yet despite all this, things will get much worse.

   Those who dare speak about this issue are often branded as hateful individuals and routinely targeted by “anti-fascist” groups. Suppression of reality will never circumvent it. And concerted efforts to silence those who attempt to raise awareness will only result in more exposure and a larger backlash. If a civilization cannot trust its own police force to protect the most vulnerable among them, then it is only a matter of time before people take matters into their own hands. Mark my words, you will see acts of vigilantism grow across Europe in response to this failure of state responsibility. Ultimately people who have truly done nothing wrong will be caught in the crossfire, but at that point all bets are off.

    You hear the word “fascist” tossed around an awful lot nowadays. Many ascribe it to those who speak on these controversial issues which could be construed as bigoted in some way. The ad hominem attacks are nothing but substitutes for argument and pathetic attempts to change the conversation. You do not prove a man wrong by cutting out his tongue, you only prove that you fear what he may say. Populist conservatism is on the rise right now and will continue if these issues are not addressed. This problem will not go away if it is not tackled head on, and those responsible are made to account for their actions. How long do you honestly think people are going to be silent when their children are in danger? The longer peaceful concerned voices are stifled, the higher the likelihood of a less peaceful and more venomous voice rising becomes. You think Tommy Robinson, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Nigel Farage and Donald Trump are fascists? YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING YET.

    There will come a time in which contempt and frustration will reach a boiling point in Europe. Someone will rise from the people and exploit these sentiments to seize power. They will speak freely on the fears exhibited by the people, whether authentic or not, and they will be supported. People have a tendency to be drawn to extremists when in dire situations, and a populist will rise to quell the storm by any means necessary. At which point, no amount of insults of accusations of bigotry will impede them in any capacity. Civil discourse will break down entirely, and the use of force will be implemented. Chaos is a ladder, and fascists are good climbers.

    I do not write this article to gloat when the time arrives, and believe me it will. I write this as a direct warning to those who ignore inconvenient realities for the sake of appearing tolerant. I do not wish for these things to come to pass, but I see the storm brewing on the horizon. If you are a true anti-fascist like I am, and value liberty, justice and peaceful resolution, then the time to speak is now. Words and peaceful resolution only work for so long. If the conversation is ignored altogether, then you can be sure there will be a rise in violent sentiments. If the populace is deafened by inaction, then physical force is always the next step.

   If any of the survivors of these grooming gangs ever happen to stumble upon this obscure blog, I have a few things I’d like to say to you.

   I am so very sorry for the horrible atrocities you have been forced to endure. Words simply cannot express the sorrow I feel for you. I am sorry for your abuse, and I am sorry that your own government has abandoned you out of sheer cowardice. These horrible things you have been subjected to are not your fault, and I do so desperately hope you are able to attain peace in your life. You have been robbed of your justice, you have been robbed of your liberty, but you are not your past. You are stronger than the vile actions of those depraved individuals. I truly wish the best for you in your life, and hope you are able to find healing and peace for yourself. And if ever you feel as though the world has forgotten and does not care for your suffering, remember that I, and many others truly do.

Be well.