Is humanity alone? A single question which has been the cause of many a speculation and controversy throughout history.

            It is the natural progression of a species. Acquire awareness, spread to conquer the lands and map the world, and then look to the stars. No doubt every conscious being at some time or another contemplates their own finite existence, and in turn questions if perhaps other organisms in far unseen places and alien landscapes have wondered the same.

          It’s an interesting question, one which has of yet gone without an answer. Man has always searched for his place among the galaxy. Great minds of human philosophers like Einstein, Giordano Bruno and Galileo have searched, and yet the truth remains out there. There is still no concrete answer, at least not an official one. Sure, conspiracy theorists would have you believe that governments around the world have concealed the truth for many years. That reptilian overlords rule the government and program discrete human androids to be their puppets. Incidents such as Roswell, New Mexico and the Dyatlov pass incident seem to bring the question of extra-terrestrial existence to forefront. And of course, human nature is curious, but curiosity is a double edged-sword.  

         Government funded facilities that maintain extremely high levels of secrecy, such as Area 51 and Kasputin Yar have always suffered under much scrutiny. They exist seemingly without purpose, with governments complete denial of any knowledge of the aforementioned locations. Each of course comes bundled with a cosmic plethora of stories regarding strange lights dancing overhead. Stories of saucer shaped crafts zipping across the sky in some instants, and intergalactic travelers abducting and experimenting on humanity, or probing cows. Of course, one singular account means nothing. Any lunatic can ramble on about little green space men inserting foreign medical equipment in unsightly crevices. Millions of accounts have been recorded however, many with striking similarities and details. To ignore the sheer volume of accounts, one must be either deluded or blissfully incompetent.

           Millions of people around the globe have claimed to see these alien crafts flying overhead, and there is ample footage available online. Not all are genuine to be sure, although not all can be so easily disproven. Further still many have claimed to have even been abducted by these flying saucers, or even visited in their own homes by otherworldly beings during sleep paralysis or hypnotic episodes. There is a staggering number of people admitting and attesting to these claims. Clearly there is something going on. Now whether there is something to the reports, or they are simply victims of some unquantified mass hysteria remains to be seen. Sure, not all these sources can be trusted, but can we really discredit the testimonies of millions? Do you truly plan to tell millions that they cannot trust what they see with their own eyes?

   But of course, it is nothing but folklore! Stories used by authors to entertain the masses and perhaps parents to scare disobedient children. That is what all stories are for are they not? Besides, no government could cover something so elaborate and profound. Regardless these events and places seem to add something to be discussed. Reality or hoax?

         If places like Area 51 do not harbor them, then what is the reasoning behind not informing the public? What is the United States government hiding there? What don’t they want us to know? It’s hard to take these conspiracy theorists seriously, although it is even harder to discount some of their speculation. Once you given in to the luster of a free-thinking mind, you will never again be able to cage it.

     It is not only the people alive today that claim to see these things. Cultures and religions which stretch back millennia all speak of otherworldly entities. Beautiful creatures which descend from the heavens in chariots, dragons or steeds of fire. Angels and demons waging a supernatural war for the very souls of man. Is it magic that birthed these beings, or is it science? Which do you believe?

        It would seem that with each passing day, the likelihood of humanity being alone continues to dwindle. Thanks to programs and machines like the Kepler space telescope, scientists have discovered thousands of new worlds scattered throughout the cosmos. Not all are habitable by any means, in fact some are downright apocalyptic. Although a select few have been deemed possible to support life. Men and women of science have deduced a model which is coined as the “Goldilocks zone”. The Goldilocks zone is a set of parameters based upon a planets relative distance to its host star, presence of liquid water and a number of other crucial criteria to be met to support life as it is known on earth. Dozens of these planets have been found, with some even within a cosmic strolling distance away. These planets are out of reach for now, but have been theorized to contain similar climates available to support earthen based life as it is known.

       But how do they know life is altogether similar to as it is on planet earth? All organisms discovered as of yet are carbon based. This means that carbon is the essential building block from which all life on earth is carved. Upon glance of the periodic table however, one will notice the distinct presence of many other elements, some even similar to carbon. Take silicon for instance. It has been theorized that silicon based life would look, behave and act much differently than carbon based life. In fact, scientists are not exactly sure how it would work, but one things for certain, it only increases the odds.

         So as each day passes, the likelihood of other sentient beings somewhere within the galaxy begins to mount into astronomical affirmative odds. Scientists have speculated that an immense 8.8 billion habitable planets could exist solely in the milky way galaxy. Think about that number for a second. If you had 8.8 billion of anything, do you think that would be enough? 8.8 billion dollars could buy you a country. 8.8 billion tacos could feed every single mouth in America for a month. 8.8 billion people is more people than the earth currently houses. I’d say if a number like that is on your side, then your odds are pretty daggum good. But that’s nothing.

          When you combine that with the suspected trillions if not zillions of galaxies out there, you reach a number of possibly habitable planets that is so high, that you run out of numbers to count to. There is really no way to put a number that gigantic into perspective. It’s more planets than there are grains of sand on planet earth. You couldn’t count that high if you lived a thousand lifetimes. Needless to say, the odds of being alone are astronomically outnumbered. You got a better chance of winning the lottery seventy times, being struck by lightning in 7 different locations and marrying Angelina Jolie all in one day than you do of those odds being wrong. Based on the sheer size of the universe and these speculations, it seems virtually impossible that humanity is alone. And yet no life has been found, but I think it’s fair to assume that most people believe it is out there somewhere. There is a famous author, a man by the name of Arthur C. Clark who I believe said it best.            

       “Two possibilities exist, either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

                     So, based upon the massive scale of the universe, if some other alien species did find earth, then it would by definition mean they are indeed quite intelligent, and highly advanced. If they could cross the vast emptiness of space that easily, they would have to be incredibly advanced. Their mental capacity would no doubt far exceed that of even the smartest of human geniuses. Some even worry that by the time their presence is realized it may be too late. Perhaps said species would have lived, experienced and evolved to so immaculate a level that we would simply have no way of communicating with them. The scenario may in fact play out similar to as if human beings were to try and communicate with bacteria. However, I don’t believe this theory holds much water.

  I view evolution in a similar way that I view time, being that we are capable of looking back much easier than we are capable of looking forward. Yes, I know there are exceptions to this rule, but it’s easier to see why things are the way they are now, than it is to see what they will become. Similar fashion to our relationship with bacteria. We are aware of their existence, but they are probably not aware of us. But hey I could be wrong on that, if you know any human to bacteria translators then feel free to “holla at cha boi”.

              So, forget that last theory for a minute. Instead let’s pretend for a moment that some highly advanced species is out there somewhere. Pretend they have found earth, and are aware of the life it holds and capable of interacting with it, but haven’t revealed themselves. Well, why wouldn’t they reveal themselves? For that we are presented with 3 main options that most people agree on.

Option A: The Scientific Method Approach

       This states that they observe and study us from a distance, not wanting to interact with us because it would drastically change our natural behaviors. This is the same approach biologists take while documenting wild animals in their natural habitat. Humanity is the control variable in an intergalactic experiment.

Option B: The Anthill Theory

    This theory states that humanity is akin to an anthill. They are aware of humanity, but have no interest in them. This is similar to knowing there is an anthill in your backyard, although having no interest to visit it. I mean, why would you bother with silly humans, when you have so much cool alien stuff to attend to?

And Option C: Doomsday

       Pretty sure everyone knows this option already, Hollywood has seen to that. They are envious of the earth’s natural resources, and wish to take them for themselves. They have watched for hundreds of years and lie in wait of the perfect moment to strike.

       So, either they see humans as reality TV show, a bunch of ants, or prey which they will eventually hunt down. There’s probably other theories but I can’t be bothered to research them all, and hey we don’t have all day, right? Each option is unnerving at the very least, and horrifying at the most, yet perhaps there is another option.

           Whoever they are, and wherever they come from, one thing is certain. They are very intelligent. They would have to be in order to cross vast swathes of empty space, right? Not exactly something that can be accomplished by accident. If a species is that advanced, then their motives and drives may be completely alien in nature to anything we ourselves are capable of understanding. So perhaps they would choose to study us up close.

        Perhaps they would attempt to seamlessly integrate into human civilization by means of illusion. It would be the best way to study human behavior after all. Not only that, but were they to infiltrate society, then they could theoretically infiltrate any aspect of it. Instead of outright demands or threats of annihilation, they may choose a more diplomatic approach. Serving their own agenda under the guise of human benefit. Humans call this politics, and they aren’t the only ones to see it’s benefits.

         You gotta admit, it would be a wise scheme on behalf of the little green men. Choose to play the puppet master, from the inside out. But its not as if this theory could be possible right? I mean it’s not like internal subversion ever occurs within human hierarchies, right? No one has ever tried playing their rivals for fools for their own personal selfish gain, as we know. And yet despite all we have discussed, perhaps there is something we are missing.

             Perhaps they are already here, and perhaps they are already busy enacting their devious little plots. Perhaps they know that revealing themselves to humanity would do little aside from causing a mass panic to the little earthlings. Perhaps they walk among us every day, hiding in plain sight. When you think about it, given their required level of intelligence in order to simply find the earth amongst the cosmic gallery, they are probably able to do things that would be deemed impossible. They would probably be able to disguise themselves to seem indistinguishable from any other human. They would probably be able to eventually infiltrate every aspect of society. They would probably study humans up close and learn everything there is to know. They would know the human language and be able to seamlessly articulate it through their use of words. Maybe they would even begin to write books and stories to entertain the masses. Maybe with every word placed upon the page they would be subliminally hinting at their own existence and intentions. Maybe they would take the form of an innocent author who simply observes, theorizes and questions. Maybe these stories in their entirety exist solely to terrify humanity at the thought of what is to come.

         Who knows? Maybe one day you yourself will even stumble upon such a piece of literature. But if that time were to come, would you even know it? Would you be able to differentiate fictional artistic expression with an obscure warning? Maybe you have already encountered such instances, and maybe you have simply dismissed it as yet another creepypasta or conspiracy theory. Maybe you will still choose to deny the implications of the words before you. Because maybe in the end, its easier to not think about it. But maybe someone will get it. Maybe it will be you. Maybe you will understand, then again, maybe you won’t.