Hello everyone,

I must apologize in advance for the spelling/grammatical errors possibly contained within this passage. I do not possess Microsoft Word or spellcheck of any kind, and to the best of my knowledge no one other than myself has viewed this document or knows of it’s existence. Anyways.

      The following is a recollection of events that happened to myself in the fall of 2009. This is the first time i have revealed this information in full to anyone other than my immediate family.

                 To this day, i have not been able to find a full satisfactory explanation as to just what is was that transpired out there. You must understand, this is NOT just another a fabricated story, this is Not a creepypasta, this is my personal experience told from my point of view. I know that this is probably the most cliche way to start out a story this way, claiming to be true and whatnot. So whether or not you choose to believe my story is entirely up to you. In fact, this is the reason i chose to post this story on this site in the first place. I know that if i were to post this anywhere else i would be ridiculed and possibly hospitalized. At least you guys seem to keep an open mind to things.

            If you are anything like me (and because you’re reading this I’m guessing you are) than you are a bit of a thrill seeker. You seek out the dark and unknown elements and entities rumored to exist in our world. Darkness excites you, possibly even being terrified excites you. Don’t worry there is nothing wrong with this sense of excitement, who knows it may even save your life one day, but be careful because you also might just find exactly what you’re looking for. In a way that’s what happened to me. Because of this very real possibility of danger, the names of the people involved as well as the actual location of these events have been altered. Sorry, but i will NOT be held responsible if some dumb-ass kid decides to go out and investigate for himself then winds up horribly murdered or some shit like that. I do not pretend to understand what would even happen if someone were to go there again, but i have a pretty good idea. Regardless, i will not take that risk. I will tell you however that these events transpired somewhere in the midwestern United States just so you can have some picture of the area. I myself, also choose to remain anonymous. You can call me Jack.

              My strange tale begins pretty much like every other day of my life back then. I was 17, a junior in high school had a good group of close friends and Aubrey; my girlfriend of a little more than 5 months. I sat in algebra 2 on one Friday afternoon just bored out of my damn mind, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the weekend. The last bell finally rang and I instantly felt the weight of the tedious high school classes lift from my chest. I was free, at least for the weekend.

Grabbing my backpack I hurried out of the classroom and into the main hallways of the school. I headed towards the cafeteria as it was my group of friends usual meeting spot before we left out of the school. Like most kids our age we were mainly concerned on where we were going to party that night. It was our mission damn near every weekend since we were probably about 14 years old. I let my mind wander as I strolled towards the cafeteria.            

           “What up bitch”? I heard in a sarcastic tone as I turned my head to see my good buddy Alex catch up to me and give me a little punch in the side. I returned his vulgar greeting with an equal one of my own. We proceeded to talk about where we were going to chill that night as we made our way to the cafeteria. We met up with our group of 20 or so friends standing around in the cafeteria, and continued our discussion of intended youthful debauchery. As we stood there, i felt two gentle pokes on my lower back. I turned and looked slightly downward to see a petite white face with 2 big beautiful blue eyes staring intently back at mine. A cute little smile completed her look of innocence. My girlfriend Aubrey.

        “Hey babe”, I said as I smiled back and embraced her. She hugged me tightly and we kissed then I proceeded to ask her about her day. We chatted about our respective days for a few minutes and eventually decided to head out. I said “peace out” to all my friends gathered around us and I told them I’d call them later on.

                   Aubrey and I walked hand in hand out to my car in the school parking lot. We had been together awhile now and had really started getting attached to each other. She was just such a sweet girl with just the right amount of spice thrown into the mix. We were great together, and we almost always got along. We kept walking and finally reached the big blue suburban that my parents let me drive and i unlocked the doors and the two of us hopped in.

     “So whatcha wanna do tonight baby”? She asked while putting on her seat belt and glancing at me with her dirty little smile.

          “I dunno, thought maybe I’d go down and volunteer at a soup kitchen or something, you know just the usual.” I replied sarcastically.

   She giggled and turned her head away for a moment then looked back up.

          “Awe well isn’t that nice of you to do that”, she replied with an equally sarcastic tone. It’s eerie really, I remember all the events of that day so well right down to the petty little conversations Aubrey and i had.

       “Well” she continued,

      “Once you’re done doing your good deeds for society, we should hang out, My mom’s going out tonight and my brothers are having a sleepover at their friends house so I’ll have the house to myself and wanted to have some people over”.

    “Sounds good to me! I’ll bring the party favors!” i said. She laughed at my sad attempt at humor and nodded in agreement as i started driving away.

           We drove out of the parking lot and away from the school. Aubrey lived slightly out of town between two larger cities and her house was basically in the long stretch of nothing that lay between. Her house was out in the middle of a field with a few scattered trees around as well as a slight slope behind the place. The sloped part was essentially a big hole that was maybe 20 feet deep on a gradual slope and was about the size of a football field and filled with scattered bushes and a few trees. Behind that, was more bushes and a small forested area. Her closest neighbor was about a half mile down the road at least. I had been to her house countless times so i knew it well by now. It took about 15 minutes to reach it, all the while Aubrey and I continued just continued chatting and flirting the whole way there like we normally did.

               I pulled up to her house and turned the suburban into the roundabout driveway in front of her house. I put the truck in park and then turned my head towards Aubrey. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips and we continued making out for a few seconds.

          “Bye baby, i’ll text you when my mom heads out k? Should be at like 9 or so.” she said.

                 “OK babe, let me know when you’re ready.” I replied. She nodded, then opened the passenger side door and hopped out.

       “I love you”, i said to her as she was shutting the door. She shut the door turned back to me and smiled through the window. She began backing up towards her house and put up the little heart shape with her hands. She then blew me a kiss and turned around to walk up to her door. With that, i put the car back in drive and headed home.

              The next few hours are basically unimportant to the story, but here’s a brief summary. I went home. Showered shaved you know just got ready for the night basically. Around 7, Alex texted me asking if i wanted to chill. I replied and told him yes, and asked him who he was with.

“Nate and Stephen”, was his response. Those 2 were also good friends of mine so i replied and said I’d be there in 20.

                    I arrived at Alex’s house and pulled up and parked the big ol’ suburban on the street outside his house. As i walked up to his garage, i could smell that sweet oh so familiar scent of marijuana drifting through the air. I reached his garage and banged my fist on it 3 times.

        “Police! Open up immediately!” i yelled. I waited a few seconds then stood on my tip-toes to peek through the window at the top. I laughed as i saw the looks of terror for a moment on their faces before they returned back to normal when they realized it was just me.

          “Haha you fag, you scared the shit outta me for a second there.” Nate said as i sauntered into the garage. Stephen began loading a bowl and I just laughed and made fun of them and gave all 3 the customary fist bump before i sat down. We were stoners, well at least they were. I used to be, but i had been in some recent trouble with the local authorities so i was on unsupervised probation. This meant that i had to call the Urinary Analysis place everyday to check and see if my color had been called. If it was, then i would have to go down there and pee for them to perform a drug test. And if i came up positive for any banned substance then i would have to go back to court and receive more charges. So as hard as it was, i had to stop smoking weed as it just wasn’t worth the risk. We sat around for awhile while my buddies got nice and baked and i continued to chain smoke my Marlboro 27’s. We just sat around talking shit for awhile and making fun of each other like good friends always do. 9:30 rolled around and i got a text from Aubrey.

“Babe, whatcha doin?” the text read.

               “Nothing, just chillin’ with a few peeps, what about you hun?”

   “Same, Kayla and Heather are over now.” she replied “Who are you hanging out with?”

        “It’s just me, Alex, Stephen and Nate right now.” I texted.

   “You guys wanna come hang out? My mom’s gone now :)” she texted. i asked all the guys and they wanted to go also.

“Yup, we’ll head over now, see ya in a few babe.”

     “KK :)”

   “K Let’s Go” i said to the guys as i stood up. We walked out of the garage and Alex grabbed a bottle of Bacardi he had hidden from us and took a couple beers out of his fridge before turning and entering the combo on the wall to shut his garage. So we all got up and jumped in big blue (the suburban) and started driving to her house.

                We drove away from Alex’s house and down the block and continued out of his neighborhood. We continued driving down the old country roads while blaring gangster rap the whole way. Not my favorite music but whatever. Nate was sitting shotgun and was the designated DJ for the ride. I drove and just let my mind wander and the rest of the guys were stoned so i knew they were doing the same thing whether they wanted to or not.

              We reached the outskirts of town where there was a four way stop sign for each direction. It was probably about 5 or 6 miles from Aubrey’s house. As i was pulling up to the stop sign however, i noticed something strange. Although this area was a little farther into the country, you could usually see lights out in the distance coming from the larger neighboring city. On this night however i remember not seeing any light in the distance at all. The stop sign was on the top of a small hill so you could usually get a pretty good view of the distant city. I thought it was weird, but i shrugged it off and just figured maybe the clouds were somehow obscuring the distant lights. As i pulled up and stopped at the stop-sign however, this sense of strangeness returned. I came to a stop and i could swear i saw some kind of shadow or outline of something dart across the road suddenly. It didn’t run, it didn’t hop but it appeared to quickly hover across the road. I didn’t see any wings or flapping motion from it, it just appeared to levitate swiftly across the road. Now i hadn’t had anything to drink and hadn’t taken any drugs of any kind that day, but the first thing i thought was that i somehow hallucinated it. The thought didn’t last long though.

        “What the fuck? Did you see that?” Nate said while suddenly perking up in his chair.

               “What? The shadow thing? you saw it too?” i replied.

                    “Yeah dude, what the hell was that!?” Nate said sounding a little more agitated now.

              “I don’t know, looked like a vampire, maybe a ghost.” i said jokingly. Nate laughed and agreed with me.

      “Yeah i guess so dude, we got some jeepers creepers shit here.” He said and we all had a good laugh about it. Laughing made it not as strange and lightened the mood a bit, although i was still a little weirded out by it. It was just something that gives you that sense of dread, like my instincts were just screaming at me that something wasn’t right. That i should just go back home. I decided to ignore this feeling however and i slowly drove by the spot on the side of the road where we saw it disappear. Nothing, guess it was just our imagination.

              After driving a few more minutes we arrived at Aubrey’s house. We parked the car and i gave a long honk of the horn to let Aubrey know we were there. We stepped out into the frigid November night and made our way to the door. As we approached the door we heard loud music coming from inside the house. I stepped up to the door and gave it a few knocks. Almost instantly the music went quiet and the sounds of girls babbling and stumbling to the door could be heard. The big wooden door swung open and Aubrey appeared there with a slightly dazed look on her face.

      “Hi Baby!” she said while practically jumping into my arms. I could tell by her mannerisms that she was already a little tipsy. We kissed and talked for a few seconds while the other guys made there way by us and into the house. Aubrey and I stepped inside with the rest of them. Heather, Kayla and another girl Kenzie were there as well and from the looks of it were already considerably drunk. Kayla was a notorious hoe and was already getting pretty friendly with Alex. Stephen and Nate were kind’ve standing around awkwardly while Kenzie and Heather giggled about something and fumbled for a new song to play. I walked over and grabbed a beer from Alex and sat down on the couch by the window. All the while forgetting about the little incident on our way out, bad move.

                 Before long there was at least 20 something there and most people were considerably hammered. Kayla and Alex were making out on the couch, Stephen and a few others were smoking in the garage and Aubrey was stumbling all over the place. I myself had only had 2 beers because i was the driver and i needed to remain at least mostly sober. I know, i know i shouldn’t have drank anything at all but hey, it was a party after all.

               We were all having a good time, but suddenly a hand grabbed my left butt cheek. I turned swiftly to see Aubrey standing there with a dirty little smile. We decided to sneak away to her room to spend some alone time together, i won’t go into details, suffice it to say that we were in there for awhile. I know this because when i came back out most people had left. Stephen was passed out on the couch and some girl i didn’t even know lay cuddled beside him. The rest of the people there were blasting the radio and chatting so i decided to step outside for a cigarette.

       I stepped out the front door and lit up my cancer stick. I inhaled deep and let the smoke fill my lungs. Exhaling i let the burning smoke escape my lungs. I checked my phone and from what i remember it was a little after midnight. The chilly wind whirled and howled through the desolate fields surrounding the house. I cracked the beer bottle i had brought out with me and took a swig. As i lowered the bottle from my lips, my feeling of euphoria instantly vanished. A scream which suddenly and violently pierced the serenity of the night. I heard a scream unlike anything i had ever heard before. It was super high-pitched and ear-piercingly loud. It sounded almost like a Nazgul screech from Lord of the Rings, at least that is the closest thing i can think to compare it to. Only it was different, much higher pitched it was like nails on a chalkboard multiplied by one thousand.

              Needless to say the screech scared the shit out of me. I froze up for a second then reverted to my basic animal instincts. I crouched down low to the ground still clutching my beer tightly in hand and began to listen intently. I thought i heard some rustling in the back yard, but it could’ve just been the wind as well. The terrifying scream originally sounded like it came from the backyard. Human curiosity overtook my fear and instincts then, i had to know what the hell it was that made the noise. Slowly i began creeping around the front of the house towards the garage on the west side.

              I got to the edge of the house and slowly peeked my head around the corner. Nothing, again i saw nothing, at least at first. As my vision adjusted to the darkness, i noticed some kind of lump laying in the grass. I tried to make it out but i just couldn’t see well enough. I pulled out my phone and turned on the flashlight and shined it out into the lawn. To my horror, i saw what it was. A cat, or at least part of a cat, the back end of it to be more specific. I suspected maybe a fox or coyote was responsible at this point so i took my beer bottle and shattered the bottom of it on the concrete path behind me for a makeshift shank. I slowly began to inch closer to the carcass on the lawn. The front half of the poor cat had been ripped clean off. I looked around for it but the other half was nowhere to be seen. The entrails lay pulled halfway out of the rear-end and blood soaked everywhere around the cat. Suddenly I heard a noise that drew my attention away from the bloodbath.

I heard a rustling in the bushes behind the back of the house. I looked up and instantly was stricken with a fear so great so paralyzing that i had never felt anything like it before or since in my lifetime. Two piercing red eyes stared menacingly back at me from the bushes. They were like lasers piercing my very soul. For a secondi thought it could be a cougar, but their eyes are usually yellow not red. These red eyes just stared unblinking directly at me for what seemed like hours. I thought about just running for my life but i knew that this was obviously some kind of predator, and i knew that if i ran it would surely charge. The fact that i didn’t know what in the fuck this thing was only terrified me more. I can honestly say for a second there, i thought it would end for me right then and there. Just as the thought crossed my mind, the eyes in the bush began shifting around slightly, just barely moving from side to side. Just then as quick as lightning, the thing screeched it’s terrible screech but not quite as loud as last time. Immediately after it made this sound it shot backwards through the bush and disappeared from my sight almost instantly. The bush rustled as i heard it crash through other bushes behind it until there was silence once again.

                 I just stood there for a second, absolutely terrified out of my mind as I’m sure anyone else in my situation would be. I couldn’t even move, i was so paralyzed with fear. I thought about what i had just seen and i began to question my sanity. Everything inside me was screaming at me to run back inside with everyone else. But i couldn’t, I’m stupid and i had to get another look to satisfy my own curiosity and rationalize my own sanity. I don’t even honestly know how i found the courage to continue but before i knew it, i found myself walking in the direction of the bush. My heart was pounding in my chest and i was more terrified and excited then i had ever been in my life. Clutching my broken beer bottle tightly i reached the bush and carefully peeked through it.

                      As I looked through I saw nothing at first, so I continued around the bush and into the darkness behind the bushes. Once back there i began scanning my eyes in every direction looking to catch a glimpse of it. But there was nothing, no sign of it anywhere. I stood there for a few seconds after regaining some of my composure and still saw nothing, just grass and small bushes blowing in the wind. The giant football field sized hole i described earlier lay directly in front of me. 

  Although my mind was basically begging for me to run back inside and call the cops, my curiosity got the best of me. As they say, curiosity killed the cat, but discovery brought it back. Plus, what was I supposed to tell the cops anyways? Please there’s some monster with red eyes screaming and hiding somewhere. They never would’ve believed it, they just would’ve thought that I’m some dumb kid who took some drugs and was now freaking out. Now i may be dumb, but this experience had rendered me completely sober as my mind and body had entered survival mode. Perhaps that is what drove me onward, though in hindsight i should’ve just got everyone the hell out of there immediately. Regardless i continued further into the field. The full moon shown brightly across the desolate field that night which helped illuminate the landscape. The chilling late autumn winds blew in the night and made me shiver as i reached the bottom of the pit.

             Once there i crouched down and began scanning the surrounding environments for signs of activity. I looked up towards the top lip of the pit but saw nothing aside from some bushes and an old dead tree. Looking back on this now, i realize how stupid i was but the testosterone and adrenaline wouldn’t allow me to simply leave. I had to know. I shined the light from my phone in all directions until i noticed something. Bones. Alot of bones somewhat neatly stacked in a pile. I approached the bone pile cautiously and stooped down to get a better look. As far as i could tell, none were human. Just small animal bones and remnants of flesh. Normally coyotes and cougars eat their prey wherever they kill them, so why were all these bones in a somewhat orderly pile? Could someone have done this on purpose? Then a thought dawned on me and sent shivers down my spine. What if this was some kind of nest?

                Before i had time to ponder this question i was interrupted by that same shrill ear-piercing screech. I whipped my head up towards the opposite side of the pit that i had descended. There at the top of the pit, i saw 2 perfectly circular red orbs. My heart sunk in my chest and the fear i had experienced earlier came rushing back. I was frozen in terror as my mind tried to comprehend what i was witnessing. The glowing orbs were attached to a distended and pale humanoid figure which stood almost motionless in the frigid moonlight. I say almost motionless because it had a long whip-like tail that flicked back and forth from side to side behind it. It’s body was hunched over in it’s upper back and appeared to be much taller than a normal man. Mind you i was about 50 yards from the thing and it was dark out. It just stood there, staring at me. Slowly i proceeded to get back up on my feet. The creature didn’t react, it just continued to stare menacingly. We both just stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Everything in my body said run like hell, but i knew from my Hunter’s safety classes that running will only make a predator charge. Even if i screamed for help and my friends somehow heard it over the blaring music in the house, the creature could easily be on me before they arrived to help. I had seen enough and just wanted to get the hell out of there. So i mustered up all the courage i had left and began to back away slowly while still facing the creature.

              Eventually i reached the top of the pit by Aubrey’s house and still the creature stood there motionless. I stopped once i reached the top of the incline and just stood there staring at the creature. What felt like minutes went by until slowly, the creature raised it’s arms in unison out to it’s side revealing long narrow fingers. It probably had claws to but by this point i was to far away to tell. It then tilted it’s head back and stared into the sky as if it was trying to communicate with God. I’m not sure exactly why the creature did this, but to me it seemed like an intimidation display. Then without warning, it quickly whirled around with incredible speed and darted on all 4 limbs into the trees behind it. Just as suddenly as it had appeared, it was gone, again. I stood there a moment longer until i knew for sure it was gone. I was then startled by my phone ringing. I pulled it out and checked the name. Aubrey.

            “Hey” i said as i answered. I heard nothing but the sound of a Tech N9ne song for a second as well as some yelling but then i heard a door shut and it went quiet.

      “Babe, where are you?!” I heard Aubrey say in a somewhat frantic voice. I was only about 60 or 70 yards from her house and i could hear her on the phone as well as in real life. Quickly i shot a glance back towards the trees where the creature disappeared. Still no sign of it.

         “Hold on i’ll be right there.” i said and quickly hung up while sprinting back towards the front of her house.

I rounded the side of her house and saw Aubrey standing on the front porch while looking worried. She noticed me soon after and ran up to me and hugged me.

     “Where were you? Stephen’s all sick in there. He puked all over the carpet. Where have you been?” she said while squeezing me tighter. I didn’t know what to say at first, i didn’t want to freak her out and i also didn’t think she would’ve believed my story.

    “Uh… I… Umm, well i heard a weird noise when i came out here earlier. Didn’t know what it was so i went to the backyard and found a dead cat. I think coyotes got him but i couldn’t find them anywhere.” I sheepishly replied. She looked up at me and looked shocked by what i had just told her.

        “Aww, poor kitty,” she said while curling her bottom lip into a look of sadness.

           “You’re not hurt are you?”

      “No, no i’m fine, i couldn’t find them so they must’ve ran off, i just wanted to make sure everything was okay.” I said. Her look of sorrow changed to that of an innocent smile.

  “Aww my hero.” she said while planting a sloppy wet kiss on my lips.

     “Let’s go inside it’s cold, and we need to help Stephen.” She said while shivering slightly. I agreed and proceeded to follow her back into the house. It felt wrong to lie to Aubrey but i didn’t know what else to do. I would’ve sounded crazy if i told her what i actually saw.

                   We got back inside and Kenzie and Heather were furiously scrubbing a spot on the carpet. Stephen lay on the couch half-conscious with puke stains on his mouth and shirt. Alex, Nate and Kayla were trying to wake him up and move him to a bed. After realizing Stephen was out cold, me, Nate and Alex were tasked with carrying him to the bed. We got him there and laid him down for the night. We returned to the family room and suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. We all froze as Kenzie turned the music off.

    “Boom, Boom, Boom,” came 3 more loud knocks.

            “Shit, it’s the cops!!” Alex exclaimed in a hushed scream as he and Nate scrambled to hide the beers and marijuana paraphernalia. I on the other hand had suspicions of a far more sinister intruder. Aubrey gingerly approached the door but I cut her off and went to answer myself. As i reached the doorknob i looked through the peephole while preparing myself for the worst. An instant sense of dread washed over me as I saw what was on the other side. Aubrey’s mom and 2 other men stood there on the porch. I turned back to face Aubrey.

           “It’s your mom, is she gonna be pissed?” Aubrey’s face then breathed a sigh of relief.

        “Oh no she won’t mind I told her I was having friends over, she might be mad about the puke stains but whatever.” she said while walking past me to the door. Before i had a chance to ask her about us drinking Aubrey had opened the door.

       “Hi Mama, sorry we thought you were the popo,” she said as her mother and the 2 men stepped into the house. Her mom stepped inside and instantly turned her attention to the rather large spot on the carpet.

      “Let me guess, somebody puked there.” she said while looking back at Aubrey. Aubrey shrugged and looked away while pretending not to know.

    “Is everyone okay?” her mom asked.

  “Yes, mom we are fine, Stephen just drank a little too much but he’s okay now.” Aubrey replied. The 2 men walked up and introduced themselves as Tom and Carlos.

We all then proceeded to talk and joke around for a bit as Aubrey and her mom attempted to clean the spot some more. We cracked some more beers and just enjoyed each other’s company for a little while. Though i was still a little on edge from the events earlier, i eventually forgot about them as we all sat around and just conversed for a while.

      Eventually 3 am rolled around. Alex and Kayla were passed out on the couch at this point and the rest of us were getting very tired as well. Aubrey and I decided to head back to her room and get some sleep. We snuggled up in her bed and within 5 minutes she was asleep. I however did not sleep well that night. I couldn’t get the image of that thing out of my head. It’s piercing red eyes that glowed like brake lights seemed to stare right through me. I began doubting what i had even seen as i think any rational person would. I had obviously never seen anything like that monstrosity before. Could i have just imagined it? Maybe it was a cougar or some deformed bear or maybe just someone’s idea of a cruel joke. Whatever the case, i didn’t feel safe and i couldn’t sleep knowing that thing was out there. Eventually though my eyes became heavy as the morning sun began to gleam in through the blinds, and before i knew it i was asleep.

        I awoke several hours later to an empty bed. I quickly sat up and looked around the room but Aubrey was nowhere to be seen. I checked my phone and it was almost noon. Quickly i got out of bed and rushed out to the family room where everyone was eating some bacon and eggs. My elevated heart rate relaxed as i saw Aubrey and everyone else sitting around watching tv.

      “Hey look who’s finally awake.” Tom said as he saw me. I nodded as i proceeded to go over to Aubrey and sit beside her. We all sat and ate while watching some movie until eventually Alex broke the silence.

       “Hey man, you wanna give me a ride home? I gotta work at 2.” he said while looking at me.

            “Yeah man that’s fine, gimme one sec” i said as i got up from the couch. I walked outside into the brisk November afternoon. I lit up a smoke and walked up to my suburban. Once i got close though i noticed something was very wrong. The whole suburban was slanted to the right side.

        “What the fuck?” i said under my breath as i approached closer. It didn’t take long to determine the problem. Both right side tires were completely flat. As i inspected the sidewall i saw two large gashes on the side of both tires. At first i was pissed, because i thought someone there slashed my tires, but none of them really seemed like the type that would do that. Suddenly all my fear from last night came back and i looked around frantically trying to find the culprit. No luck. Could that red-eyed thing truly have been responsible? Could it have been trying to sabotage us? To this day, i still don’t know. I suppose i could’ve ran over something on the drive out to Aubrey’s the night before and just not noticed it until the morning. I questioned everyone that was there and all of them swore they had nothing to do with it. Plus the fact that the tires were slashed on the sidewall and not the tread made it all the more strange. Luckily i kept my winter tires at home and called my dad to see if he could bring them out to us. After talking with him he agreed and said he’d bring them over within the hour, so Alex, Tom and I decided to go look around the yard a bit.

              We eventually made our way to the backyard where the remains of the cat were still strewn about.

       “Uggh, what the hell, is that a cat?” Alex said while covering his nose to mask the smell.

    “I think so, poor little guy, coyotes must’ve got him.” i responded knowing all too well what was actually responsible. Now that it was daytime i didn’t feel nearly as afraid so Alex, Tom and i made our way to the bone pile i had discovered the night before.

        Once we arrived there i noticed something that i hadn’t the night before. There were tracks in the ground. Though they weren’t human, not all of them at least. They definitely were not made by a coyote or cougar either. They were unlike any tracks i had ever seen. They had 3 long toes in front and 1 shorter in the back. I would’ve thought it was from a bird of some kind but the only bird that could’ve possibly been big enough was an ostrich. As far as i know though, ostriches are not native to the Midwestern United States. I’m no tracking expert but the only animal i could think to compare them to would be a velociraptor. This was obviously a ridiculous notion however and only raised more questions. We continued searching around for awhile but found little else of interest so eventually we made our way back to the house.

             After my dad arrived we put the tires on and i proceeded to leave with Alex, Nate and Stephen. I didn’t plan on leaving for long as i was paranoid about that thing coming around Aubrey’s house again. Luckily her mom didn’t mind me spending the night there so i stayed over Saturday night as well. I kept my eyes and ears wide open all night but nothing happened. No screeches, no dead cats, no tires slashed, no nothing. It was just a completely normal night, however i didn’t dare fall asleep until it began to get light again.

                  Sunday evening rolled around and after no sign of anything for awhile i reluctantly decided to head home to get ready for school the next day. On the drive home i was still feeling uneasy. I felt i had made a horrible mistake by leaving but i just hoped and prayed that i was wrong.

        So school started on Monday and all was back to normal. I had pretty much written off my whole experience from that night as some strange hallucination. Though in the back of my mind i knew it had to be more than that. Tuesday and Wednesday came and went and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. Aubrey seemed like her normal self and slowly i began to forget about the whole experience. It wasn’t until a couple weeks later that i received a late night phone call. It came at about 12:30 at night and woke me up from a deep sleep. From the other line i heard a panicked but hushed voice speak.

          “Jack?! Jack are you there?!” A female voice said.

It was Aubrey.

   “Hmm, wha… uh yeah im here. What’s wrong?” I said while still half asleep.

      “Jack there’s somebody outside, what do i do? i think he’s trying to get in!” I basically flew out of bed and began getting dressed as quickly as i could.

      “What?! What is he doing? Can you see him?!” i responded while trying to comprehend what was going on.

    “I… I don’t know, he’s outside just making alot of noise and scratching at the house.” I got my clothes on and dashed upstairs to my suburban.

   “Aubrey, where are you? Are you safe?”

“I’m in my closet, i’m hiding, i’m so scared Jack.” She was softly sobbing.

      “Just stay in there and stay quiet, I’m on my way, I’ll call the cops.” I said while firing up my suburban and screaming out of the driveway.

   “Jack, i don’t think.”

“What? Aubrey are you there?”

“I don’t think it’s a man.” I heard a crash in the background and the same high pitched screech i had heard weeks earlier. My stomach dropped.

“It’s in the house, please hurry Jack!!” The line went dead.

    “Aubrey?! Aubrey are you there!?” No response so i dialed 911 and informed them of the situation. By this point i was on the main county road headed north. I rounded the corner at the light to head east, and slammed my foot to the pedal as hard as i could. I had never driven so fast in my life. I tried dialing Aubrey a couple more times but i got no answer from her.

     “Please, please, please be ok Aubrey.” i thought to myself as i raced towards her house. I was never particularly religious but i prayed like i was the pope himself that night. I approached the stop sign on the hill but i had no time to wait. I hoped no one would be coming as i gunned it through the stop sign without slowing down a bit. Luckily no one was coming but as i passed through i noticed red and blue lights flashing behind me. Never in my life had i been so happy to see that. I continued racing towards Aubrey’s house with the cop staying close behind me.

               A few minutes later i reached Aubrey’s house. The cop had fallen quite a bit behind me but i could still hear sirens in the distance. I looked around my car quickly for a makeshift weapon. Luckily my hockey sticks were still in there from practice, so i grabbed one and flung open the car door. I approached Aubrey’s front door to realize it was completely mangled and torn apart. The house was quiet though. My adrenaline was surging at this point as a final thought passed through my head. This could be the night i died, but i’d be damned if i was gonna let something happen to the love of my life. So i entered the house, as i stepped inside the cop car from earlier came flying into the driveway. Red and blue flashing lights illuminated the front of the house as i peered down the hallway. My heart sunk, at the end of the hall just outside of Aubrey’s room were those all too familiar red eyes, Just staring at me like they had before. I froze, i wasn’t sure what to do.

        “Freeze!!” came a loud voice from the doorway. It was the cops.

“Put down the hockey stick and get on the ground!!” they commanded while pointing there guns at me. I did as they said and as i began to get down the creature screeched again. I whipped my head back towards it as it charged with ungodly speed towards me. It was on me in a second and slashed me hard in the chest with sharp claws. I fell over clutching my chest in pain. It was about to strike me again but was interupted by gunshots from the cops. They fired multiple shots as the creature fell over me in pain. It hissed maliciously while turning it’s attention towards the cops, It’s hideous elongated face contorted in rage.

    “What the hell is that thing?!” one cop screamed. The creature charged towards them knocking them both flying out of the doorway before they had a chance to fire another shot. I heard it scurry across the yard and dash out into the field behind the house. I waited a moment to make sure it was gone. My chest was bleeding badly but i pushed through the pain and rose to my feet. I limped down the hallway and towards Aubrey’s room. The pain was severe but i had to make sure she was ok.

     “Aubrey!” i called out into the darkness. I heard a door open in her room and the footsteps that followed.

   “Jack! Is that you?!” she said while cautiously stepping out of her room. She saw me and burst into tears as she rushed up to me. She embraced me and it hurt due to my wounds but i wouldn’t of traded it for the world at that moment. She was shaking and sobbing from terror and i did my best to comfort her.

           More cops came in a few minutes later and tried arresting me but after a bit of explaining they realized what i had done. I explained that i was the one that called them in the first place about the intruder and that i was sorry for speeding but i had no choice. They understood and agreed not to press charges against me. They told me i had done well in speeding over to Aubrey’s but to not ever do it again. I agreed and thanked them for their help. Aubrey’s mother and 2 younger brothers were gone for the night and Aubrey was home alone meaning she was the only one who witnessed that fiend break in. Aubrey, myself and the 2 officers who first arrived explained what we all had seen. None of us could make heads or tails of the whole thing. The creature that attacked us was clearly NOT human and we explained that opinion extensively, but i could see the other officers weren’t buying it. A few officers searched around behind the house and apart from the trail of bloody footprints, they didn’t find much. Eventually they concluded that the attack was some crazed drug addict, though i knew that not to be the case. I was taken to the hospital to have the gashes in my chest stitched up and Aubrey came with me not letting go of my hand the whole time. I was just so relieved that she was ok and i held on to her tightly. They stitched up my wounds at the hospital and called my parents. They arrived at the hospital soon after and asked me what the hell had happened. I decided it was best if i just told them that some burglar had tried to break into Aubrey’s house and that i scared him off but he slashed me with a knife in the process. I spent the night in the hospital just to make sure i was ok and Aubrey never left my side. In the morning i was discharged and we all went home.

              So, that was the last encounter i have ever had with that red-eyed thing, but there’s more to the story. You see, a couple days later Aubrey informs me that her family had to move. She said some guys in black suits showed up at the house and snooped around for awhile. They ran some tests and after a few hours they concluded that the house was infested with black mold. They told her mom that the family would have to leave immediately because black mold can be lethal. I went over and helped them pack up their things to bring to a temporary storage unit. While we were unpacking the last of their things at the storage unit, Aubrey’s mom realized she had forgotten the lawnmower that was behind the house. I told her i’d get it and hopped back in my suburban to drive back to the house.

            Once i got close to the house i noticed something strange. There were 4 blacked out box vans parked out front. This confused me a bit but i pulled closer and saw a dozen or so men around Aubrey’s house. I saw men wearing what looked like space suits in the field behind the house. I figured they were hazmat workers but it was strange that they were so far from the house. I figured maybe the mold had spread further than the house. As i pulled into the edge of the driveway 2 men in black suits turned and started towards me. This unnerved me slightly but i got out of my suburban and greeted them nonetheless. They walked up to me with blank expressions and demanded to know who i was and what i was doing there. I informed them that i was the boyfriend of the daughter that used to live there and inquired as to who they were. They looked at each other without altering their expressions at all and replied that they were from the “clean-up crew”. These guys seemed shifty to me but i decided not to pry and informed them that i was just there to get the lawnmower. They asked me where it was and i told them in the backyard. One man said he’d get it and walked off to retrieve it. I decided to make small talk while he was gone and asked the other man.

       “So how bad is the mold? Will the family be able to move back soon?”

The other man just stared for a second and then replied with.

    “It’s pretty bad, gonna have to move out the neighbors too at least for a while.”

           “Damn i guess it is pretty bad then huh?”

“Yeah.” he replied blatantly. It was awkward until the other man returned with the lawnmower. I wanted to know more, these guys definitely didn’t seem like just a “clean-up crew”. However, they also didn’t seem to be in a very talkative mood. So I thanked them and loaded up the lawnmower. As i left the house, i looked back to notice both of them just staring at me. It made me feel very uneasy so i just put the truck in drive and rolled out. As i looked back i noticed the hazmat suit men waving around something that looked like a metal detector. There was also one of them walking up from the pit with something in his arms but i couldn’t tell what it was. I continued driving back to Aubrey and her family.

             I never heard anything more about that night after that. No one was ever arrested for the attack, and i never saw a similar story on any news source. Aubrey and i have since split up due to unrelated circumstances, and we don’t really keep in contact anymore. We have our own lives now. She never told me anything more about that night and i didn’t ask out of respect for her. I know the events horrified her and i did not want to open old wounds. It’s been 6 years since that horrible night and i still don’t really have a logical explanation. For the sake of your closure as well as my own, allow me to share with you what i believe happened.

                     I believe that creature was some kind of mutant or hybrid. It had human characteristics and was bipedal but it also had a long whip like tail and razor-sharp claws. Not to mention those devilish glowing red eyes. Whatever it was, it wasn’t something natural. Possibly it was the result of some deranged experiment gone wrong. That’s were the men in black come in. I believe they were sent to investigate the incident as well as clean up the mess. Probably from some underground government agency. I know, i know, i probably sound like some insane conspiracy theorist by this point, but if you’ve read through the entirety of my account then maybe you can believe it. After all, mainstream science never will.

  This is the best explanation i can come up with. I suppose you think i’m going to tell you some cliché warning at this point like I’ve started getting strange phone calls or began hearing voices. Nope nothing, never heard or seen anything from that nightmarish fiend since, and i’m glad for that. I just hope it stays that way. So friends, i hope my tale has at least entertained you, even if you choose not to believe it. I sure as hell wouldn’t, so i don’t blame you. Just know that there are some strange things out there, so whatever you do just be careful. You might find exactly what you’re looking for.