Holy shit guys, they found a damn body at my work. Things have really begun to rapidly deteriorate in the last 24 hours.

Let me back up a bit though. So, the night after I had my spur of the moment bonfire at the river I returned home and promptly passed out. I woke up later on in the afternoon and again got ready for another day at work.

When I arrived there, I saw several police cars sitting around the area where I normally park. I thought at first someone got injured on the job, but after I saw the forensic team taping off the area and several hazmat guys in the dumpster, I grew a bit concerned. I approached the scene and two of the officers blocked me from entering. I questioned them, and they questioned me. After telling them I was an employee and showing my badge, they revealed a bit of what was going on. Someone had died. I pressed them for more details, but they refused to say anything else.

After awhile I finally managed to convince them to allow me to meander inside and speak with my manager. I found Chris inside several minutes later and he told me more of the details.

Apparently one of the janitors had found the body inside the dumpster when she had gone to dump her trash. He wasn’t an employee, in fact no one knew who he was. Since my company is essentially a giant food pantry, we tend to get a lot of vagrants and addicts that come by to rifle through the trash in hopes of finding a slightly expired free meal. It’s pretty common, despite management’s attempts to stop them.

The dumpster is a massive industrial one, like one of those that’s almost the size of a portable trailer. It was at first thought that maybe an unfortunate accident had led to him becoming trapped inside and dying, but that was quickly ruled out due to one simple reason. Normally when people starve to death or become stranded, they don’t end up losing their head. Yeah, the corpse they found was fucking decapitated. No one even seemed to know where the head of the corpse had went. Police had scoured the premises but had found nothing.

We had a meeting about all the craziness, and work was suspended for the day, much to the dismay of management and joy of myself. Cops wanted to be able to search the entire warehouse unabated. All the employees were interviewed for any information, including myself. I told them what I knew, which of course was very little. Part of me wondered if I was the one responsible. Had I killed the vagrant, stuffed his body into the trash and then burned my clothes at the beach to dispose of the evidence? It all began to make sense, but of course I didn’t tell them that.

They questioned me for a while and I was able to offer almost nothing to their investigation. One of the officers eyed me suspiciously the entire time, and then asked a question which made my blood turn to oil in the tundra.

“You mind if we take a look inside your car?” What was I supposed to say? Any denial would’ve only implicated me further. I could only hope that if Gary (which is how I’ve begun referring to my hypnotized self) had committed the act, then he had at least cleaned up the car.

My heart was practically emulating a rave in my chest as they searched my car. I did my best to hide the sweat that formed on my brow, and nervous fervor on my face. I thought for sure that was the end for me.

They returned several minutes later though, telling me I was free to go. I breathed the loudest subconscious sigh of relief but played it off as if it was what I had expected. I made my way out to my car. Before I could leave though I suddenly saw a commotion on the other side of the car. Several officers wrestled with a man before slamming him down to the pavement. I saw the distinctive sheen of long black hair, and knew right away it was Clint.

I snuck around the side as the officer forced him into cuffs. Clint screamed in protest, claiming he hadn’t done anything, but they wouldn’t hear it. And then I saw it. In the trunk of Clint’s Honda Civic, there was a mangled and bloody human head.

I didn’t stay around for the fireworks. I drove out of there and managed to get back home in the blink of an eye. I have no memory of driving home, just arriving. I guess my mind was too preoccupied with the madness which had developed around me. Was Clint truly responsible? Or was he set up by Gary? I didn’t know, but decided it was well past time to do something I should’ve done from the very beginning.

I got inside and booted up my laptop, intent on learning more about the Autopilot app by whatever means necessary. That and writing down my thoughts and discoveries as I go along.

I booted up the app and searched around it for clues which may be hidden in plain sight. At the bottom of the main screen, I found out the publisher’s name was Sentinel Incorporated. I did a quick google search for them, but their repertoire was far too extensive to search by hand. I added “autopilot app” to the search, but still found no pertinent results.

I returned to the app, hitting the terms and conditions button to see if there was anything I may have missed. First time I think I’ve ever actually read one of those in my life.

After sifting through it for a while, I saw a few unsightly details I had previously missed. One which immediately stuck out read as follows.

“Side effects may include loss of memory, suicidal/homicidal thoughts and intense headaches. At the initial onset of these symptoms it is advised that use of the Autopilot application is suspended, and a medical professional is contacted.”

Well that seems like a bit of an important caveat that they failed to present upfront. I might have even not used the app, had I known that I would possibly murder a bum while under its influence. I ended up reading the rest of it, but it was mostly filled to the brim with technical jargon and little else. At the very end of it though I saw something else.

“Use of this application is consent to it’s psychological and physical effects. By clicking this agreement, you hereby exonerate Sentinel Incorporated and Renavatio Labs from all legal and financial compensation/retribution.”

That last name had me intrigued. I did a google search for Renavatio Labs and was soon floored by the results. The very first article which popped up went on to reveal that this Renavatio Labs was shut down for a whole slew of legal violations. Including but not limited to, embezzlement, falsification of identity, woeful misuse of marketing, wrongful imprisonment, violation of workers’ rights, intent to distribute illicit substances and to top it all off, seven counts of first-degree manslaughter.

The lead project manager, a man by the name of Andreas Ponikkovski was convicted of several infractions and sentenced to 113 years behind bars with no possibility of parole. The prosecutor was even quoted as saying that what Mr. Ponikkovski had done was a crime against humanity.

I trembled at where the information was headed but continued to read on. Apparently, this Ponikkovski guy had held several people captive in a makeshift laboratory below his estate in Wichita. When police raided his home, they found seven individuals bound on gurneys with wiring and various monitors integrated into their biology. They were unresponsive, and despite attempts made by medical personnel to stabilize them and revert their condition, they had all expired soon after discovery. Exactly what it was that Ponikkovski was trying to accomplish by doing that was never revealed. It was revealed however that Ponikkovski and his team were responsible for the production and patent for several pieces of questionable technology, including the infamous Autopilot app.

The app itself was never officially launched, and after all of this came to light, the project was quickly shut down. Everyone assumed the tech for the app was lost in the ensuing chaos, but apparently one of Ponikkovski’s colleagues had continued developing it in secret. Who exactly they were and where they had gone I had no way of knowing. There was no information regarding the apparent leaking of the app to mainstream consumers, but apparently someone had done it.

I began to wonder if there are others who have used the app as well. In the brief amount of interaction I had with that YouTube video, I saw at least a hundred others who had commented on it. Had they used it? Were they experiencing the same things as me? I have no way of knowing, and unfortunately no way of contacting them.

I did another google search for Andreas Ponikkovski. Most results were other articles which told me what I already knew and condemned his actions. Sentinel Incorporated was also mysteriously absent from all charges. It’s my belief that they buried any connection they had to Renavatio Labs and Ponikkovski to save their own ass. I mean that’s what I would’ve done.

After several minutes of searching, I came across something of interest. It was a blog, one which was held by someone under the name Dr. Andreas Ponikkovski. The blog was titled, “Science and the future of man.”

I’ve spent hours reading through the dozens of posts he had made on there. The guy was obviously a little off his rocker, and the way he rambled on made reading a trial of patience.

The guy seems almost obsessed with the human mind and improving its efficiency. Most of his posts are theoretical conjecture, and plans he has regarding future projects. Future projects which now will never come to be.

Ponikkovski also quotes the sort of new-age philosophers ad nauseum. Guy’s like Carl Jung, Anton LaVey and Friedrich Nietzsche seem to get regular mentions. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with any of them and I’m no expert myself, but there’s one idea which Ponikkovski keeps circling back to. The shadow.

In relation to Nietzsche specifically, he has this sort of idea about what he calls “the shadow”. From my understanding it represents the dark side of consciousness, and how all of us are capable of both wonderful and horrible deeds. Apparently, this dark side is crucial in Nietzsche’s eyes, even in the most benevolent of people in order for them to prevent being taken advantage of or harmed. It’s the self-defense ordinance, and willingness of the individual to go to extreme and at times depraved lengths to preserve their own life. At least that’s my understanding of it.

I don’t want to get too much into philosophy right now, but Ponikkovski is almost neurotically obsessed with it in his blog. He writes that he believes he knows how to illicit this dark side of consciousness and allow it to have free reign over the body. He talks a lot about frequency and vibrational patterns which I guess is where the binaural beats come in to play. Ponikkovski is convinced that by synching the mind with a certain frequency, he can alter an individual’s perception of reality and draw out the darker side of one’s personality.


Holy shit. Guys, I don’t… I don’t know what to say. That previous paragraph, that wasn’t me. I mean I wrote it no doubt, but not consciously. I think I had another blackout. I remember reading more on Ponikkovski’s blog one minute, and the next I was suddenly snapping back to reality, staring at my computer.

I glanced at the clock, and two hours have passed, with me having no memory of them. It was Gary. He was the one that wrote that. Why he didn’t just delete the entire thing I have no idea. I guess he wants you all to know.

I know what Gary is now. It wasn’t just a joke that my coworkers had pulled on me. Gary is real, Gary is me. He’s a split personality of my own mind which the Autopilot app brought out. I haven’t used the app since last night with the bonfire, and yet my mind entered the autopilot state anyways. That can only mean one thing. Gary is trying to take control.

I don’t know how much time I have, or how long I can resist the urge from him. I can almost hear him in my mind now, laughing and promising to be nice once he has the wheel. I WILL BE NICE. DON’T YOU WORRY ZACHY BOY ;).

Another blackout, shorter but it keeps happening. I think the app automatically programs the mind to eventually work without the hypnosis. That must be what is happening now. I don’t know how to stop this.

I think I’m going to go to turn myself in. I don’t want anyone else to be hurt because of me. Part of me even thinks about putting a bullet into my head, but I can’t put my family through that. They would never understand. Hell, I don’t even understand. I can hear him in my mind, I can feel my mind struggling to maintain control. SCARY GARY QUITE CONTRARY, OH WHERE DID YOU GO?

I still don’t know what the Latin connection has to do with all of this. I did take Latin in my schooling, and maybe it was some warning from another part of my psyche. Or maybe it was Gary, taunting me. I’ve also spent some time messing with the binaural audio from the app. I recorded it on my computer and inverted the audio to play backwards. Much as I suspected there was a single word at the end of it that was originally backwards-masked.



I keep blacking out, shorter intervals but it keeps happening. It’s taken me almost all night to finish this account. Please, if you’ve made it this far, I won’t be me for much longer. Don’t listen to me, and don’t go near me. Gary is in control now.

I plan on going to the cops as soon as I finish this. I hope I make it, I don’t want to hurt anyone else. If you find the autopilot app, don’t use it. It’s not worth it. I don’t know how it does it, but I know I can’t run from it anymore.