send nudes

My phone vibrates on the counter top as I continue applying the moisturizer to my cheek.

“Send me a pic ;).” The text is from Ryan. I roll my eyes and chuckle as I text him back.

“Shouldn’t you be finishing up work?” I put the phone down and continue my task. A minute or two later it buzzes again.

“I’m gonna be awhile :(.” Before I have time to respond another message comes through.

“How about some motivation to get me home quicker?” I put down the tub of lotion and think about it. As luck would have it I was just primed to enter the shower, so I figured sure, why not?

“Hold on.” I text. I remove my baggy Transformers t-shirt and undo my blue lace bra for an optimal shot of my… well you know. After positioning myself with my back to the window, I stick my middle finger out and snap the picture. I send it to him, along with the tagline of, ‘Hurry home ;).’

With another chuckle I conclude my hygienic routine and fully undress to enter the shower. The scalding hot water cascades down upon on me as the grime of the daily grind drifts away and relaxation sets in.

On the counter outside I hear my phone buzz once again but think nothing of it. I sit in the shower for several minutes, allowing the comforting stream to flow down my neck and hug my body with its warmth. Again, I hear the phone buzz, and again I ignore it.

I step from the shower several minutes later and wrap a towel around me. I throw my hair into another towel and finally return to my phone. Three missed calls, all from Ryan. Confused I scroll down and see that I have a text from him as well.

“GRAB THE GUN UNDERNEATH THE BED AND HIDE. I’M CALLING THE POLICE.” A grimace forms on my face as I read. What’s got him so riled up?

“NICOLE ANSWER YOUR FUCKING PHONE! I’M ON MY WAY, HANG TIGHT.” Another text rolls through. Thoroughly flabbergasted at the events I text him back.

“What’s wrong?” As I await a response I decide to take another look at the picture which had apparently so suddenly set him off. I open it, and at first I see nothing amiss. But then I see it, and my heart drops like an anvil. In the background of the image, almost blended entirely into the darkness on the other side of the bathroom window, I see the face of man with wide hungry eyes and a sadistic grin.

The phone falls from my grip as my hands begin to tremble. It begins to vibrate again as Ryan’s name is illuminated on the screen. As I lean down to pick it up, the bathroom door creaks open behind me.