I woke up, confused and with my head pounding. I felt dust and the sticky residue of blood upon my forehead. It was dark, but tiny flickers of light were seeping in through cracks somewhere above. It took only a second to realize I couldn’t move, and a second more to realize why. Fallen rocks and rubble had pinned me to the ground.

After a few moments my memory seemed to return, and my vision stabilized. I tried to struggle, but my legs were wedged below me. My right arm was free, but my left was pinned behind me. There’s truly nothing like the feeling of being stuck underground to evoke immediate panic.

I did my best to subdue it, but minutes of struggling to little avail only increased the terror I felt. It was all I could to prevent myself completely succumbing to the mounting panic as I tried to methodically devise an escape.

Up ahead there was a small exposed hole that looked barely wide enough to squeeze through. I kicked my feet and tried twisting my torso, and after minutes of the same motion I felt the rubble finally shift. I pushed and managed to flip onto my chest, but at the expense of weight falling onto my legs. After a prolonged period of pulling and twisting back and forth, I finally managed to wiggle my waist out of the pile.

As I did, the entire pile shifted and rumbled causing a rumble behind me. I seized my chances and dove towards it; crawling quickly on my belly in what was essentially a tunnel the width of a sewer pipe. There was barely enough room to maneuver, but slowly I pulled myself forward. I finally managed to push my right arm forward, breaching the edge of the pile into freedom. With one final heave I pulled myself through the orifice and out from underneath the collapsed entrance.

I fell to my knees, relieved beyond description to finally be free of my improvised tomb. In the desperate struggle I had almost forgotten exactly where I was, and that fact resurfaced once more as I laid eyes upon the room around me. The room was in a state of carnage, with fallen columns and damage to the walls. It could’ve all been a result of that stone titan’s punch, but to me the damage seemed to possibly precede that incident.

There was a narrow corridor in front of me and it appeared to be the only path forward. The walls had these odd indentations, and it reminded me of the groves created by the scales on a lizard. Really bizarre architecture, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Luckily most of the equipment I had on me before the cave in was still present. The only thing missing was arguably the most important thing I had; Michael’s revolver. I tried digging around in the rubble once more, but deep down I knew there was no hope in recovering it.

I would have to continue on with only my wits to protect me.

So, I began to walk in the only direction I could, hoping that all that I had been through would be worth the struggle and especially honor Michael’s selfless sacrifice. I still don’t know why he was so quick to do what he did, but for him, I had a duty to continue onward.

Before long I came to an open chamber with several doors lining the walls. Once again, the room was littered by broken debris, but also something more interesting. Multiple corpses lay scattered about the room, but none of them were human.

Four of them were dressed in these sleek, matching silver uniforms, with narrowed heads and elongated extremities. One of their masks was cracked open, allowing me to see wide, uncanny bulging black eyes staring lifelessly out. Their bodies were human-like with two arms and legs, but that was where the comparisons stopped. They looked more fish-like than anything else. Their hands were masses of small tentacles rather than fingers, and they appeared to have these odd fins on their backs.

I’m sure I could’ve learned more about exactly what they were if I bothered to try removing one of their suits, but I was much too on edge to attempt something like that. From their various wounds, it was clear they had all died in some physical altercation though, and at the far end of the room I discovered the likely culprit in the form of a fifth corpse.

A large crustacean like creature was slumped in the far-right corner. It had multiple armored limbs, with large pincers for forearms. It’s head looked like some ungodly mix between a crocodile and lobster. The thing had to have stood at least eight feet in height, but luckily for me, it – like the others was long since deceased.

With what Michael had told me earlier about nothing there decomposing, I realized they all could’ve possibly laid there undisturbed for centuries. I had no way of knowing for certain, but clearly both species were like nothing ever seen on earth. Could they have been aliens?

I took the open passage directly opposing the one I had entered through, beyond the dead creatures and further into what I hoped was the tower’s root. In that hallway there was yet another deceased creature, but it didn’t appear to be the same as either of the other two.

This one was seated against the wall, with a helmet covering it’s face. There was no visor on it, and the way it was propped-up made it seem like it wasn’t dead at all; but just resting. I moved with caution, but it didn’t move as I got closer, and I realized it was much taller than I was. Other than it’s elongated height and form, it looked almost like it could’ve been human. Five fingers on it’s hand covered by gloves, and an overall human-like appearance; much lankier though. It was cradling something in it’s hand as well; some sort of small orb with familiar looking green glyphs upon it.

I thought about taking it for myself, but in the end decided to just move forward and not risk possible ramifications. Around the corner I came to a new room with a large podium in the center. It appeared constructed out of a metallic substance similar in appearance to stainless steel. The workmanship was incredibly ornate, with intricate designs imprinted upon it. That was the yet another moment when I wished I’d had my phone on me. It would’ve been useless for calls no doubt, but a picture would’ve done more justice than my words ever could.

I looked up, and realized I was in a massive open shaft. Hundreds of feet above me I saw the open hole at the very top. The walls of the chamber were hexagonal and perfectly symmetric in design, almost like that of the honeycomb from a beehive.

The layout of the room and the elongated shaft above made me realize something. It was an elevator, one that likely led right to the top. It had to be, it was the perfect design, and after doubling back into the previous room to search for alternate routes to the top I found none. No stairs or ladders of any kind.

I was on my back to the shaft, when that little orb in the deceased humanoids hand caught my eye once more. A crazy notion then passed through my head. This time I snagged it from the thing’s hand, and made my way back to elevator room. Sure enough, at the center of the podium was a small circular indentation; one that looked designed specifically for the small orb.

I carefully held the orb over the slot, and as it got close it was suddenly yanked from my grip like a sudden magnetic pull. The orb landed in the slot with a ding, and the glyphs upon it sudden lit up bright. Before I knew it, the green light travelled around the podium, whirring and clicking as the machine roared back to life.

All around and above me, I saw the hexagon slots begin to glow bright as they illuminated one by one in no particular order. In seconds the entire shaft was glowing bright like some futuristic hyper tunnel. In the oddest sense; it was actually beautiful.

I approached one of the glowing slots, and was awestruck by the sight I glimpsed within. It was a recording or live feed of some thick forest with towering bioluminescent trees. The scene then switched to that of some enormous bloated creature sailing through the skies. It switched again and I saw two-legged creatures charging in a herd formation through a field of flowing red grass. It was incredible, but it was nothing yet.

I glanced at other screens, and saw glimpses of other foreign scenes from places I did not recognize. There were hundreds of them, allowing glimpses into alien landscapes the likes of which human eyes have probably never before beheld. Immense creatures swimming through vast seas, winged avian beasts soaring through looming valleys, castles jutting from the ground for miles into the sky. Suddenly my fear had all but vanished, replaced with a most astute sense of curious wonder.

Back at the podium, I saw two glyphs around the slot which the orb had fitted into. Both were glowing green, but one was clearly more luminous than the other. I obviously couldn’t read the alien lexicon, but to me it was reminiscent of an up/down switch.

On that hunch, I pressed my finger onto the duller glyph. Nothing happened, and so I grabbed the orb and turned it in the slot. That seemed to work, as the other glyph then began to glow bright as the other dimmed. Clicks and mechanical whirs then reverberated through the room, and I felt the platform itself dip slightly, as if being released from some locking mechanism. Next thing I know, my suspicion proved correct, and the platform began to ascend.

I was treated to innumerable visions from the hundreds of hexagon portals as I rose upward. I could’ve spent one-hundred years viewing them, and I would not even come close to describing all the scenes I witnessed in the detail they deserve. The elevator moved rather slow, but the endless visions made me hardly notice. It must’ve taken a good ten minutes before the elevator finally reached the top-floor destination.

The elevator came to a halt, and I stepped out to a bewildering sight. First thing I saw was the vast expansive landscape around me. I was able to see further than ever before, and realized how vast the land truly was. In every direction I looked, I saw no end to it. Only various mountains, lakes, deserts and forests of all shapes, shades and sizes. There were also chunks of land that appeared missing like the abyss from earlier. Just dark and empty, as if the landscape itself was suspended over a void and cracks had developed over time.

In the distance, I even saw something I recognized. It was another tower, nearly identical to the one I was standing on. It had to have been over twenty miles away, but the realization wasn’t lost on me.

There wasn’t just one tower; there were more of them.

My mind finally refocused on the immediate area, and something on the ground made the awestruck feeling revert to fear. There was some immense creature lying motionless there. I say ‘creature’ but it looked nothing like anything I’d ever seen.

It was almost serpentine in appearance, with a body comprised of melded flesh and dull metal. It’s head was sort of reptilian, with another, opposing face on the upper part of it’s skull. It had four spindly limbs outstretched with two hooked blades on two of the hands, and two swords on the other. It also had three smaller tentacle appendages protruding from it’s rear.

Luckily it didn’t move, and hadn’t appeared to do so for quite some time. All around us on the perimeter of the tower’s roof were a series of arches. I counted seven of them, faintly glowing the same green as the orb and elevator was. Most appeared broken or in various states of disrepair, but one stood fully intact with a large mirror in the center.

A sudden increase of green light then drew my attention skyward. The green ring was only barely visible in the sky now, as the darkness had almost taken it entirely. It then suddenly flickered, emitting a beam of green light that beamed down at the tower like a laser. I ducked, but it was far too quick.

The light burned as it struck, like a third-degree sunburn boiling every square inch of my flesh. I dropped to my knees screaming from the pain. Even stronger than the pain was the anger, as I felt my journey had reached an end. Like all I had been through and seen was only so that I could die atop the tower, but just as I was sure I couldn’t take anymore, it suddenly stopped.

I slowly lifted my head, seeing steam waft off my body as little flickers of green light emanated off of me. The little verdant orbs glowed with the same color of the ring, and they all floated towards the mirror. One by one they sifted into the mirror and disappeared as I stumbled back to my feet.

In the mirror I saw the green orbs coalesce and merge into one expanding blob of green. It grew larger until it encompassed the entire surface of the mirror. Behind me I heard the elevator click, and watched as it began to descend back down. I thought about jumping onto it, but I knew I would never escape if I backed down now.

The glowing green mirror then shifted and rippled, looking like a wall of green jello wiggling in an earthquake. A second later and an arm slowly emerged from within; like a flower blooming in the spring. It was a human arm, and it was followed by a shoulder, a head and then an entire body.

I watched bewildered as to what was happening as the person fell to their knees before me. I then realized it was wearing the same exact clothing as I was. It then lifted it’s head, and I had to prevent myself from collapsing out of shock.

It was me; another me.

The clone slowly rose to it’s feet, more like a serpent rearing up than it did a human regaining it’s footing. It stared back at me with open eyes and an expressionless gaze. It looked just like me; like if you were to put us side by side I don’t think I would’ve even been able to tell us apart.

I didn’t understand how it was possible, but as the imposter took a teetering step forward, I knew it wasn’t here to make friends. Michael’s words thundered in my head and I drew the only weapon I had – my small pocket knife. The imposter was undeterred, and took another step towards me.

“Stay back!” I shouted, trying to steady my trembling hand as I pointed the knife towards it. The thing just took another step, eyeing me with that same uncanny visage.

“Stay… back.” It repeated; it’s words sounding echoed and somehow off-kilter. I stepped back, and the thing lunged at me.

It struck hard, and the two of us tumbled to the ground. My knife jabbed inside it’s sternum as we fell, and I felt it slump on top of me. I threw it off and backed quickly away. I thought it was dead, but it slowly stirred and turned in my direction. It rose back up with the blade still impaled in it’s chest.

It didn’t seem bothered by it in the slightest, and didn’t even attempt to remove it. It charged at me again, but it was awkward and lumbering; like it didn’t know how to properly use it’s limbs. I stepped out of the way and the thing fell awkwardly into a heap.

Within seconds it was back on it’s feet, and readying to attack again. Something then rung out in my mind; one of the last things that Michael had said to me.

“There are things here that hide as human… they don’t like their reflection.” I thought maybe that phrase was significant, and quickly tried to find something I could use against the imposter. There was nothing around, and I suddenly felt the thing crash into me.

We slid towards the now vacant shaft, coming to rest just at the edge of the open chute. The imposter was on top of me, pinning my arms and legs and staring down with that same hideous, emotionless face. I struggled, but the clone seemed to possess the exact same strength as I had. I couldn’t break free.

“Stay back.” Again, the thing repeated my words, but this time it sounded indistinguishable from my voice. It was like it was learning from me, and trying to mimic me as best it could. I struggled again and heard a clang as something fell from my pocket. It was Michael’s lockbox, and it had broken open, revealing the same little mirror he instructed me to gaze into earlier.

I managed to break my leg free, and lifted it hard directly into the imposter’s crotch. It didn’t seem to register the pain at all, but the strike launched it back and was enough for me to break my arm free and reach the mirror. It scrambled back at me, but I held the mirror up in front of my face.

The imposter froze, cocking it’s head to the side as if confused. I then saw it’s pupils retract, before it’s head tilted back and it let out a horrendous wail. It then released it’s grip and leapt away from me, slamming it’s head and wiggling franticly as if it were suddenly driven mad by it’s own reflection. It’s skin began to distort and elongate, revealing greyish, scarred skin underneath. It’s disguise was coming apart.

As it was freaking out, I took the opportunity to line up my shot. As it wandered and flailed in front of the shaft, I charged at it and drove my shoulder into it’s chest. The imposter was knocked backwards, and I watched as it lost it’s footing and tumbled out of sight into the open shaft below. I heard the clang as it struck the bottom a moment later, and the silence returned once more.

The ring in the sky then began shimmering and contorting about as if enraged. The green was just barely visible now, and within seconds it faded away entirely. The world grew darker, but only about as dark as an early morning on earth. The next moment will be difficult to describe.

The dark patches which should’ve been sky seemed to shift about, and the formerly green ring seemed to focus itself directly upon me. I don’t know how exactly to describe it, but I felt the gaze of something colossal upon me. An immense alien mind that easily dwarfed my own a thousand times over then revealed it’s horrific presence.

I was suddenly struck by the most astute sense of insignificance; as if the enormous thing that existed all around me was something so far beyond my own capabilities that I had no ability of hoping to defy it. I understood then in only the most feeble way I was capable of.

That entire world was more than just some floating land in a pocket dimension. It was more than some lost land, it was one entity. The land and sky itself composing it’s unfathomable mass, and that single green ring manifesting as it’s window to view it’s domain. Michael was right; it was an eye.

I was hopelessly outmatched, and even the very act of trying to decipher what I was witnessing put intense strain upon my mind. My head throbbed like never before, and I felt as though parts of it’s content were leaking from within me. Visions and memories of my life swirled around me, as if I was being laid bare before the enormous thing in the sky.

I felt the howling depths of utter madness creep it’s tendrils up my legs, and begin to constrict. I felt my mind begin to unravel, and soul drift outward from within. No words can possibly describe that feeling of infinitesimal unimportance. It was like the entire universe was sprawled out before me, and I understood how truly minuscule I was.

Just as I was sure my mind was to be overwhelmed and consumed; things began to change. The visions faded around me, and soon everything else did as well. That same indescribable feeling I felt before awaking had returned and increased in veracity. I felt myself compressed into infinite nonexistence, but it did not last.

I can’t explain exactly what happened, but then I woke up.

Air rushed into my lungs, and I gasped as I lurched upward in the dirt. A crimson sunrise bathed the landscape, and I heard the calls of birds and rustling of the trees. I felt my skin wrinkle as a serene breeze rolled across my cheeks. I reached my hand up, and wiggled my fingers in disbelief.

I was back.

I almost didn’t want to believe it; like it was some psychic trick of whatever that thing was. The trees gently rustled in the breeze, and for the first time in a long time I felt the warmth of the sun glow down upon me. A sudden desperate hunger struck my stomach like a haymaker, and I found myself incredibly weak.

Tears filled my eyes, and I cried like never before in my life. The sheer relief of being freed from that horrific place was pure ecstasy beyond description. I almost didn’t want to believe it was true, but the more I glanced around, the more I began to recognize the familiar Rendezvous trail around me.

The trees then rustled behind me, and I turned to see an elderly man step out of the woods. He was dressed in hiker’s attire and carrying a walking cane. His eyes fell on me and shot wide-open, and the grey moustache on his upper lip curled around an open-mouthed gasp.

“David Huff?” He asked. I only managed to nod between my tears.

He then rushed to my side, handing me his canteen as he shouted out that he had ‘found me’. I realized then how truly famished I was as I gulped down the water from his bottle. I’ve never been so hungry and thirsty in all my life.

Within moments there were dozens of other people around me, many of which I recognized as the camp counselors. After them I saw my own father and sister emerge and their hearts seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

They ran and hugged me tight, and cried in a way I had never heard them cry before. They told me they had begun to think they’d never see me again, and I had thought the same. They soon had me strapped to a gurney, and taken off to a local hospital. It was there that I first learned that the situation was possibly even more bizarre for them than it was for me.

I had been missing for almost 11 full days. The clearing I awoke in was searched at least half a dozen times with a team of tracking canines and over 500 volunteers that had come to aid with the search. The dogs followed my scent to the Rendezvous trail up to the point where I had last been before it suddenly cut off. The dogs suddenly lost the trail, and they found no trace of me.

None of them had any explanation as to how that was possible, and naturally, they turned to me for answers. I didn’t even know what to tell them. I thought they’d commit me to an asylum for sure, but that didn’t stop me from trying.

I told them everything I have written here today, but I doubt many believed it. I have since done countless interviews with police, journalists, investigators and even shifty, nameless government agents in black suits. There are a few others who have apparently had similar things happen to them, but I have yet to speak with any of them. Naturally, no one has any real explanation as to what happened to me, but I know someone who does.

According to what Michael Torrens told me – and the accounts of various other strange disappearance cases, this phenomenon was not unique to me. It’s not common by any means, but it’s been happening for a very long time.

Michael said that human beings have been inexplicably disappearing from remote areas for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The details of the cases were strange to say the least, with some of them bordering on the downright impossible. Many of them shared similar characteristics, but also held their own unique aspects.

Sometimes it would be someone vulnerable that disappeared such as a young child or elder citizen, other times it would be tracking experts and wildlife survival professionals. Sometimes they would be found dozens of miles from where they had last been seen, sometimes only bits and pieces would be found, and sometimes nothing would be found at all.

The cases were widely varied, but tended to share a few commonalities. Most people reported missing had been seen only seconds earlier, and seemed to suddenly vanish without a trace. Search teams would usually be successful in finding remains, but a lot of times those remains would be found in places that were previously searched multiple times as was the case with me.

Search dogs seem unable to procure a scent, and experts in tracking are often unable to find any signs of the person leaving their last reported location. There were never any sounds of struggle nor scents left behind after the initial disappearance.

Michael said there were thousands of these cases, with an indeterminate number of others that would probably never be known. The incidents seemed to defy all logical explanation, and those charged with uncovering the truth were forced to consider more uncouth explanations. That’s where Michael and his team came in.

He claimed he was a part of a secret task force comprised of expert soldiers, trackers, outdoorsmen and mercenaries. This task force which he left nameless had no loyalty to any nation or government. Their only real allegiance was to the preservation of humanity and planet earth as a whole, and that meant taking different sides depending on the situation. I imagine it also meant occasional sacrifices for the greater good.

He didn’t elaborate much about how they operated, but he did mention that he and his team were explicitly investigating these disappearances. Turns out he had arrived there in an almost identical fashion as I had. He was just walking through the woods when he was taken and woke up in that place. The only real difference between our stories was that he was intentionally trying to get there.

Michael’s claims were staggering, but subsequent investigation on my part has at least confirmed that these disappearances have happened and continue to happen. There are organizations that investigate these cases, but they are hard-pressed to provide answers. I’m sure the government investigates them too, but there is no official record of that.

Inside the box that Michael gave me I found several items of significance. One was a black and white photograph of what appears to be a young Michael Torrens hugging a young woman. I assume they were lovers or spouses, but what’s really interesting was that on the back of the photo there was a date listed as September 13th, 1952.

As I mentioned earlier, Michael himself looked no older than thirty when I met him; but for the sake of argument let’s say he was 40 at the oldest when we met. Let’s also assume that what he told me about his government work was also the truth.

He didn’t mention when exactly he entered that realm to begin with, but if he was an accomplished military man, he had to have been at least in his mid-thirties I would think. In the photo he looked to be just out of high school maybe 20 years old at the latest in 1952, meaning he had to have disappeared sometime between then and 1972 at the absolute latest. That means that he had been wondering in that place for somewhere between 35 and 55 years.

Obviously, he did not appear nearly that old to me, as if he was 20 in 1952, then he would’ve been 75 years old in 2007; the year I disappeared. Keep in mind too, those number I used are basically him at his oldest, meaning he very well could be much older than my calculations would suggest. Now, barring any advanced life-preserving techniques his employers held, that would mean he aged differently inside that place. That seemed to match up with what he told me about ‘time working differently’, and also how I myself was gone for nearly eleven days, despite it feeling like maybe a dozen hours or so for me.

Ever since this happened, I’ve wondered how it was possible. Maybe that realm was orbiting around a black hole and suffering from the effects of time-dilation. That wouldn’t explain how we got there, but it would explain the alterations in aging and maybe even the green ring. Maybe the realm itself was just an alternate reality with different rules, or maybe the truth is something far more intriguing than that.

Another item which Michael kept in his lockbox was a small journal, and within that I discovered some of the most interesting things that he had apparently learned in his time there. I don’t know how he came about the knowledge he wrote about, but it is the best real explanation I have to the question which has plagued me ever since this happened.

What is the Intermedium?

The Intermedium was Michael’s name for that world, and his journal made that term itself start to make more sense. According to him; that world wasn’t just an accident or isolated pocket reality. It was a bridge.

Long ago, perhaps eons before humanity arose on earth and possibly even predating life on earth itself, there was a species which Michael referred to as ‘The Pioneers’. He didn’t know where they came from, who they were or what they even wanted, but he believed it was they who created the Intermedium as a way to traverse between worlds.

The vast repository of things I’d seen on my ascension in the tower elevator seemed to corroborate that theory in my mind. Michael discovered that the same tower which had led me back was simply one of dozens scattered around the land. He believed each way held portals to hundreds of worlds, possibly even thousands. A galactic library of unimaginable proportions.

It must’ve taken countless millennia to have built something so elaborate. Despite his ventures, Michael was never able to find the Pioneers themselves. He believed that they had long since gone extinct, but didn’t know why or explain why he thought that. He did mention that it was his belief that something happened that they did not intend.

“They let something out that was never meant to get out.”

Michael’s journal revealed his belief that somewhere along the line of the pioneer’s building the Intermedium, something got into it that they did not intend. An ancient entity that Michael said rivalled the power of something that we would consider a god. He said this dark god might have been responsible for wiping them out, but he wasn’t entirely sure. He also believed it was this thing that was ultimately responsible for the phenomenon of people disappearing in remote areas. He didn’t know how or what to do to stop it, but he provided his list of tips which I posted at the beginning of my first entry.

He called this thing; a crude, pantomime of life. An entity that sought to replicate organic composition, but could only get so close. It could only mirror resemblance, but lacked what it took to create authentic life. He called it by several names; the great imposter, the uncanny one, but most significant from my perspective was ‘the green sign’.

I didn’t know how to take that information, but when I considered how I had fought my own clone atop the tower, it suddenly began to make sense. Maybe it was a test or trial that I had overcome, or maybe it was trying to replace me with that crude imitation. That realization made me very nervous when I truly understood the ramifications and what Michael had said.

“Sometimes other things get out too.”

I couldn’t help but think suspiciously about the others who had seemingly returned unharmed. What if they weren’t the same people anymore? What if they were replaced by an imposter at the whims of the thing that Michael had spoken of?

The Uncanny One.

Not only that, but I realized how profound the implications of the Intermedium itself were. How many different cultures and people all over the world had legends of monsters and cryptids? What if all these legends had the same origin? The Intermedium could very well be the gateway; and there was no way of knowing what exactly might come through. Bigfoot, aliens, moth man, Chupacabra, the jersey devil, it could possibly explain any of them.

The implications are practically limitless.

Despite everything I’ve written here today, I’ve always hoped these memories were somehow just figments of my imagination. Like somehow there is a logical explanation to all this, or I was wrong despite how vivid these memories remain. I had hoped it was all a horrible nightmare, or a coma, or maybe I was abducted by aliens and force-fed space LSD as part of the Illuminati’s secret plan to fake the moon landing and make the earth flat.

Anything sounds less ridiculous than the truth.

For almost a decade I have tried to convince myself that none of this ever happened. I have exhausted every explanation I can possibly think of to try and explain it, but no matter how I try to rationalize it, there are 2 pieces of evidence – in addition to Michael Torrens’ notebook that will forever prevent me from doing so.

The first is the scar on my arm. The same scar which I carved into my own arm with the pocket knife when trying to break free of the nightmare I thought I was in. Even that could possibly be explained as resulting from something else despite my vivid memories, but the second piece cannot.

The journal of William James Gardner. I still have it. It is the undeniable beacon of truth that I both cherish and detest. On the one hand it proves I’m not crazy, but on the other, maybe that would’ve been that better option.

I found his family; and found out his story was true. He disappeared on the date he provided in his journal and has never been found. I’ve debated with myself about trying to contact his family. On the one hand I’m sure they would welcome the closure, but I can’t help but wonder whether they would even believe me. If someone claimed they knew what happened to my long lost loved one and then proceeded to tell me this story, I can’t help but think I would just look at that person as insane. I still haven’t made a decision on that.

It’s been a long road to recover from this event, and I’ll admit it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been plagued by nightmares, panic attacks, flashbacks and a plethora of unfortunate bodily symptoms. At times, I’ve thought myself completely insane, and have had several stints in mental facilities after mental breakdowns.

It hasn’t really gotten any easier, I’ve just gotten better at dealing with it.

I wish I could tell you all that I made some heroic effort to destroy that place, and stop the monsters in their tracks. I wish I could tell you that thanks to Michael’s selfless sacrifice that everyone is safe and everything will be okay now. I wish I could tell you that no one will ever disappear and end up there like I did ever again.

But I can’t say those things, because they’re not the truth.

The truth is that the Intermedium is real. I don’t know how it’s possible, or if Michael’s information is entirely accurate, but it’s all I have to go off of. I don’t know what the Uncanny One even is, or what it’s capable of. But clearly, it is beyond us.

If you’ve stuck around this far, then you may think of me as a lunatic. Maybe at best I’m just some internet author who has managed to entertain you for a bit. I’m not here to try and make anyone believe that what I experienced was real. I just hope you take some precautions next time you venture out into the woods alone. There are things out there that will never be explained, and forces that work in ways that we may never understand.

Stay safe out there, that thing is always watching.

spook tower